MINI USA Announces Pricing on the 2017 JCW Countryman

The numbers are in. The MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 will enter production in March 2017 and will have a starting price of $37,100 (excl. D&H). How does that breakdown? Lets take a look.

MINI USA is talking about value with this car despite edging close to 40k. Here are standard features:

  • Unique version of John Cooper Works Aero Kit
  • LED Headlights with Cornering Lights
  • LED Taillights
  • John Cooper Works Thrill Spoke 18” alloy wheels in black (20C)
  • John Cooper Works leather steering wheel
  • Anthracite Headliner
  • Heated seats
  • Comfort Access
  • Rearview Camera
  • Rear Park Distance Control
  • Panorama Sunroof
  • 6.5-inch Visual Boost media screen with MINI Connected
  • Rear seat that folds (40:20:40) and slides fore and aft (60:40)
  • MINI Driving Modes, MINI Excitement Package

How does it compare to the Cooper S Countryman? The JCW offers 228 HP which is a 39 HP difference over the MCS. But perhaps more impressive is the torque. The JCW has 258 ft-lbs, 51 ft-lbs up on the MCS. This gives the JCW Countryman a 0-60 time of 6.2 seconds, a 0.8s-0.9s difference over the MCS (depending on transmission).

The chart on the following page demonstrates this in more detail.

Here’s the official word on some of the exclusive content:

Performance-Focused John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit.

Going beyond the John Cooper Works aero kit that’s available on other Countryman variants, the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman features several significant functional enhancements. Where one would normally find a driver’s side fog light, the John Cooper Works Countryman uses the space for special ducting to route cool air to the front brakes and to an auxiliary radiator – a John Cooper Works technical requirement to enable maximum performance.

John Cooper Works Sport Seats.

Heavily bolstered sport seats with integrated head rests. The standard version is trimmed in carbon black cloth and Dinamica (micro-suede material).

As an option, the seat can be trimmed in black leather and Dinamica, which will also add red-stitching Dinamica trim to the door armrests. Both upholsteries feature red contrast stitching and John Cooper Works emblem set beneath the headrest.

The JCW Countryman will hit dealers in April.

  • Bob Lavoie

    At 37.1K US base price, that’s a whopping 6K more than my S All4 base, which is currently crossing the Atlantic..due in port this Thu Mar 2. After building mine, the price was about 40K before taxes. A similar build for the JCW would easily the top 46K.

    Wonder how the hybrid/elect will compare re base price with the S & JCW?? Is the BMW X1 also built in Born, Netherlands along side of the CM?

    • Chris Steinke

      I told my wife I was interested in the JCW Clubman and when we totaled everything out, she said, why don’t you get a BMW 430iGC and haggle on the pricing, it will be only a few bucks more! I love the MINI brand but the pricing hits BMW territory for more power!

      • Drive the two back to back and you might surprise yourself. I love the 4GC but I’d wager a manual JCW would be more rewarding. The 4GC is Auto only.

        • Chris Steinke

          Thanks but this is a daily driver and I’ve had manual with an LA commute and it sucked, plus I like the auto in the BMW and MINIs.

      • Kevin Bartlett

        That’s an interesting comparison….I think the 430 is going to easily go to 55k (I had to configure one lightly to get to 54k), and I would hit my head on the roof over the back door every time I get in it. But I’m with Gabe the JCW Clubby could be more rewarding. Especially if you “love the MINI brand”. I bought a BMW and miss the spirit in driving a MINI daily but that’s hard to quantify.

        • Chris Steinke

          Thanks Kevin, I love the enthusiasm and attitude of Mini enthusiasts! because they keep convincing me that I would enjoy the MINI more! If this was me complaining about BMW over on the BMW blogs they would just label me an MB or Audi fan boi and tell me to frak off! 😀

          The Clubman JCW config I like is 45k. Over to True Car and a 2017 430i xDrive, GC with M-sport, carbon black ext, black sensatec int, HK Audio, Navi and track package is 46-47k (True Car avg)! Roughly 50kMSRP. Just the way I want it. The thing is is that you can haggle and get deals on the BMW, MINI won’t budge, I’ve asked two dealers, and they won’t haggle or deal on the JCW, regular Clubman S All4 sure, but not on the JCW, meanwhile the JCW Clubman in the show room just sits and sits and sits….AND they keep texting me that the JCW is still there!! Arhgh! What is a bit annoying is that in order to get Navigation on the JCW they add other stuff that I don’t want or want to pay for. HUD, park assistance. I thought the point of MINI was the customization. In the UK, you can get a JCW with Navi, but not choose HUD or park assistance I believe!

        • Michael Lehnert

          It’s not a matter of customisation, but of margin. The margin for MINI is still so tight across the range, it’s uneconomical for dealers to accept most customer-specific deals. Plus BMW’s market research has shown that this attitude increases prospective customer’s interest (“desirability”) in the car by making attainability that little bit less effortless 🙂

          On the 430 you spec’d up, BMW and the dealer, irrespective of outright purchase (but who would do that?!) or lease deal where you pay off BMW’s actuary depreciation, Munich can happily give you a 6-8% discount due to their ~15% margin possible through the arithmetic behind their packaged options. The Group gets all its money, and the dealer can still shift stock at profit and fulfill their quotas. Internally, this is called in German “Blender-Marge” or “Türken-Marge”, “additional profit margin made through specs that are there for pretending”, which is a bit nasty and not nice to the buyer/drivers, but hey… BMW Group makes great cars, and they know with what they can get away with 😉

        • Kevin Bartlett

          Yes I see your point.I wouldn’t of thought that the 430 GC could be had for that price. It’s a tough comparison and I like the spec of the GC you put together (M Sport is worth it for the steering wheel alone). I’m considering trading a very nice sportwagon that I got a similar deal on due to it being an “executive demo” or as I call it so what it’s got 5k on the clock. But the one thing I can’t get from BMW is a third pedal (at least in the cars I want and can afford). The spec I am looking at comes in about 43k MSRP, was going to wait and order exactly what I wanted but then there is no bargaining at all, and what they have is really close to what I would order. I might lose some money on trades, and I don’t negotiate as hard as I should. It does seem like the JCW cars sit at dealers a while. I was just happy to see one with a stick! If I go for it I’ll be trading or selling an R56 Mayfair Cooper S, and a Sportwagon, the savings on Insurance going back to one car is a good idea I think, and besides I can only drive one of them at a time anyway. I’m told a Mayfair S Stick is pretty rare but I’m sure that won’t make much difference on trade in, and I’m not inclined to sell it as I’m not much for negotiating and quite busy with work. The A la carte options are great for those of us who want to customize but terrible for the dealers and manufacturer So many customizations and variations erode the profits unfortunately. I mean they have 4 steering wheels for the Clubman (maybe the same 4 for all the MINI’s not sure) but that makes the permutations of product a nightmare…..which I understand but I like it as a buyer.

      • VaultDweller73

        BMW has the lowest resale value.

        • Chris Steinke

          Thanks Vault,

          The funny thing is, is that I’ve read that, but then I read an article that said the complete opposite, so who knows. 🙂 I do know that the cost of maintaining a MINI properly is a lot cheaper then a BMW, I’ve gone through three already.

          But this car is intended to be driven until it’s dead dead… If I really wanted high resale value, I’d get a Subaru! A co-worker bought a 2016 Forester 2.5i Premium and didn’t like the engine performance so sold it and ended up buying a 2017 Forester 2.0XT Premium, lost about only 1500 when all was said and done!

          Though I think that the Countryman’s pricing will be better for what you get standard and optioned out vs the Clubman!

    • Michael Lehnert

      Yes, the F48 will also be built in Born, NL, by VDL Nedcar from this August onwards, alongside its exclusive production of the CM and Convertible. Demand for the X1 is so high, Regensburg’s capacity is simply insufficient.

      [edit: date]

    • Nick Dawson

      Bob – an important milestone today – your F60 S All4 arrives at its US port of entry. Has your local dealer given you a date for the handover yet?

      In January, before ordering your F60, you asked about prices for the Countryman JCW. You will recall that, based on the differential in cost between the F54 S All4 and JCW, I estimated the likely US base price of the JCW to be around US$36,750. Not bad for an estimate.

      Nonetheless, you made the right choice to go for the S All4. “Why waste money lah”, as they say in Malaysia. In any case, you will be one of the first on the road in the US to enjoy the new Countryman, and when I say enjoy I mean enjoy 🙂

      • Bob Lavoie

        Nick……the port arrival date for my CM is now set for 3/6 at Brunswick, Ga….4 days after the initial estimate. Since I’ll be away on a trip 3/9-15, (golf & other pleasantries), I won’t be able to take delivery until after the 15th.

        Will also have the blackout headlight/taillight rings included at the dealership. And for the 1st time among 4 MINIS, I’ll have mud flaps added to this CM. Never through I’d ever go for mudflats, but our little 1.5 yr getaway cabin ownership in N.C. has a 1 mile dirt road leading to the 20 deg steep paved driveway.

        Each time I drive that dirt road, the backside & lower side areas behind the front wheels are covered with dirt. So feel that the mudflats will help out with that problem. Either that or wash the car each & everyday I drive the dirt road during our cabin stays.

        Would have liked the added grunt of the JCW over the S but I didn’t want to pay the added 6K for that privilege. I set about 40K (before taxes) as the most I wanted to pay for my S All4 CM with 8 speed and that worked out just fine getting most everything I wanted among the options.

        Hope you’re enjoying your SE Asia getaway as I expect you are doing to the fullest. Our trips are ‘somewhat’ closer & shorter. Over 1.5 months my wife & I take 3 short trips…..1 week to our NC cabin, brief Fl home visit, 1 week to Hilton Head, SC re golf, etc, brief Fl home visit, then an air trip to Tx to visit youngest daughter & family…..all between Feb 12 & Mar 27. May-Oct wil see several trips between Fl home & NC cabin….1172 miles round trip each time.

        • Nick Dawson

          Thank you for the update. Good to hear that your dealer will be handling the blackout headlight/taillight rings. Today, MINI UK announced the base price for the F60 JCW All4 @ £31,585 (or £27,085 with UK government grant) All UK car prices include VAT @ 20%, delivery, plates and first year road tax. The JCW base price is £30,675. All of which suggests a US base price around $38,000 for the F60 S E.

          We are thoroughly enjoying the delights of SE Asia, thank you. Recently we stayed overnight in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s largest Hill Station, famous for its Tea Plantations – a British Malaya legacy – and the Orang Asli (indigenous people) village settlements. No contrast is greater than the sight of wealthy visitors roaring up the long winding hill load in their Ferraris and Porsches, seemingly oblivious to the natural beauty, and the indigenous people whose lifestyle has barely changed in a thousand years. An extraordinary experience.

        • Bob Lavoie

          I can only imagine some exotics motoring around an area of indigenous people that haven’t changed much over many centuries. Just doesn’t compute.

          My MINI sales person had suggested the installation of the mudflaps at the port instead of the dealership since the port has somewhat lower labor costs than the dealership. As for the black out rings, that’s not yet available as a port accessory, so the rings will be delivered to my dealer for install.

          So you expect the upcoming new hybrid/elect F60 SE to have a base price of about 38K US? That would be about 1K higher than the JCW base price. Guess it won’t be long before some of the higher end MINIs with many options hit that 50K US price mark.

          On my previous 3 MINIs including my current one, I held on to them for 4 yrs, 3 yrs, & 2 yrs 3 months respectively. But my goal is to keep this upcoming new CM S All 4 8 speed auto for somewhat longer than the others… least longer than 3 yrs. we’ll see!!

          Although, some sources mention the dependability record of the MINI brand as not all that great, I’ve had nothing but excellent service out of my 3 MINIS with nearly trouble free driving. The AC had an issue on my 1st MINI which was covered under warranty and the 2nd had a glitch re the Bluetooth, also fixed under warranty. That has been the extent of my repair issues beyond routine maintenance during over 100K total miles on the 3 MINIs.

  • Say what you want about the name, it’s better than how MINI used to do it…. Based on their old naming standard this would have been the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 John Cooper Works. At least they’re not insisting on including the Cooper or Cooper S in the name anymore…

  • VaultDweller73

    But why a JCW Clubman? You going to race another 4 door while your family is inside? Those rims and tires… Yuk! Love the 2013’s and back.

    • Aaron Granger

      Using that logic, every 4-door should be running a 60hp motor? Honestly, this is the first MINI that I can comfortably use since my R53. In the previous Countryman, I’d hit my head on the door frame on entry and exit. This newer version has a much nicer drive, better finishes inside and the automatic S that I test drove was nice, but a manual JCW will give that extra bit of torque for fun.

      • VaultDweller73

        I feel you on the head hitting. The other issue is drivers side turning around to the back seats. Very difficult at times. It’s a racer for sure.

  • R.O.

    Rear view Camera will be required to be standard on all new cars by May 2018 per NHTSA. Estimate will add $40-$140 to price of new vehicle. MINI IMO not giving buyer added special. This MINI is definitively out of my price range by quite a bit.

    Also never cared for Dinamica (micro-suede material) seats. Don’t see the JCW Clubman as a sporty vehicle. Wouldn’t most buyers want a Clubman for room and family/passenger use/flexibility? But then again Porsche has the Macan and Panamera so I guess some buyers do want sporty and utility.

  • Steven Meyer

    Any word on when will be able to configure a JCW Countryman in the US? Seems like it should be live considering the cars will be here in a month or so.

  • Aaron Granger

    I was just at th Charlotte dealership and they said that they didn’t expect the new JCW Countryman until well into 2018. Sounded like BS given the ‘April’ date in the article, but maybe things changed since Feb when the article was written. Who is right?