We’re Hands-on With the New MINI Countryman – What Do you Want to Know?

MotoringFile will be spending some time with the all new 2017 MINI Countryman this week along with MINI executives and designers. Have any burning questions about the new car or MINI in general? Hit us up in the comments below.

  • Bob Lavoie

    I had read here in one of the posts that the new F60 would have a black out grill option available by this summer (or Sep). Since I will likely be taking delivery of my ordered S All4 CM by later next week, would I (or anyone else) with an earlier F60 without the available blackout grill be able to get one installed afterwards at the MINI dealership…..or would this only be a factory option??

    • Brian Dallas

      Bob. Its too early to tell if the black grills will be an aftersales or factory only option. Stay tuned to MF to get the latest news.

  • Tintinmcs

    I will most likely purchase a Countryman by the end of summer but I would really like to know what additional cost the CarPlay option will cost. Also, direct comparison between the Clubman and Countryman.

    • Brian Dallas

      That is a great question. At this point MINI has not released pricing for CarPlay, so we will have to wait and see. The short of it, there is not much of a direct comparison between the F54 and F60. Different designs inside and out. The only real thing they share will be the new amazing All4 system.

      • Tintinmcs

        Will the Harman Kardon stereo be available with CarPlay or will they not play nicely with each other?

        • Brian Dallas

          Actually that will be the only way you will be able to get Car Play integration. These early released cars with TouchScreen CID F60’s and some F54’s will not be able to add CP later on. So if you are 100% sold on getting CP, you may want to wait for the summer release.

  • Jack Lai

    How is it compare with the older version of Countryman (R60)? Will you choose the R60 or F60? I am looking to buy a Countryman, but not sure if I go with an used R60 (JCW) or the new F60 (S version).


    Handling, chassis dynamics, handling, driving dynamics–Does it feel like a MINI??? It’s bigger, much heavier, with no real horsepower increase over the R60 S model. I really don’t like the styling of the new Countryman, the proportions that are poor on the F56 are magnified on the new Countryman and it doesn’t even look like a MINI anymore. However I am still curious, if it feels and drives like a MINI

  • ulrichd

    Can a Rocketman fit in the back?

  • Tintinmcs

    Which specific CM model are you driving this week? What other questions I have will depend on the model.

    • Cooper S All4 manual.

      • Tintinmcs

        That is the exact car I am considering so here is my question. Most would argue a crossover is most preferred with an automatic but my R53 of course is a manual. Does the manual help offset some of the lag people have complained about with the auto and the 2.0 liter motor? My family needs a little larger car but I really don’t want to give up my favorite thing, driving my MINI.

        • The manual connects the driver more with the car and the process of driving. It’s not the best manual nor is it the fastest Countryman. But it’s the way I’d spec mine.

        • Tintinmcs

          I know you are a huge fan of the Clubman from listening to WRR so I have these questions of comparison.

          How does the rear legroom compare between the two cars, I am 6″1′ and I need comfortable rear passenger legroom for longer trips. Is it significantly more in the back of the CM?

          Is the Gen 2 ALL4 much better than the GEN 1?

          How much more ground clearance on the CM compared to the Countryman?

        • darex

          Tons of rear legroom. No one could complain, plus the rear seats slide and recline. Headroom is also very generous. I’m 6’1″. Not even close to an issue.

        • I’m responding in the official review which is being written as we speak. But I’ll say this – if you’re particularly concerned about rear legroom, the Countryman is the MINI to have.

      • Bob Lavoie

        Except for the manual, my CM S All4, currently still at the POE in Brunswick, Ga., may be another 7-10 days before it arrives the dealership in Fl. My 1st 2 MINIs…08 MCS hatch & 12 JCWCoupe were manual. My current 15 S 4 door is a 6speed auto.

        I was interested in sticking with auto approaching 77 ol fart age & I thought the new 8speed auto might be good to try out, being a bit more efficient that the manual & even quicker to 60 by a fraction of a sec. Any comments of interest fo us who will go for the CM S all4 with the 8 speed auto??

  • Jon Hicks

    Any idea if or when red will be available that will not require the JCW exterior package? Have an ’11 Coming ntryman now and it’s time to replace it.

  • Kathy

    i own a countryman s (2015). what colors are being offered for the 2017s? i hope it is not the usual 3 shades of red and 3 shades of blue with black and white. some softer, paler colors would be nice. Also, i hope Mini has improved the road noise that has plagued its other year models. A bit longer side sun visor would be more utilitarian as well. the short one really does nothing. thanks!