MINI Countryman vs Clubman – Sizing Them Up

The official MotoringFile review of the highly anticipated F60 Countryman is a few days away. Until then we wanted to bring you a look at the new crossover in comparison with another MINI we know we’ll. MINI USA doesn’t think the Countryman will be consistently cross shopped with the Clubman. But it’s hard not to compare them given the size similarities. And the where each wins may surprise you.

Like the Countryman but slimmer.

Comparing the two, the Countryman is just under an 1″ wider and 1.5″ longer. What that means for passengers is interesting. Up front the Clubman actually has 1″ more legroom than the Countryman and is identical in shoulder room. It’s the rear where the Countryman wins out with 3.3″ extra rear legroom and 1.2″ extra rear shoulder width. In other words the Countryman is a slightly more comfortable kid-mo-bile where as the Clubman is a bit more geared to the driver and front passenger in its layout.

New MINI Countryman (F60) Inches Clubman F60 is greater by Previous Countryman (R60) F60 is greater by
Length 169.8 168.3 1.5 161.7 8.1
Width 71.7 70.9 0.8 66.3 5.4
Height 61.3 56.7 4.6 61 0.3
Wheelbase 105.1 105.1 Same 102.2 2.9
Front track (Cooper) 61.5 61.6 2.5 60.2 1.3
Rear track (Cooper) 61.6 61.6 2.5 61.3 0.3
Front track (Cooper S) 61.6 60.2 1.4 60.2 1.4
Rear track (Cooper S) 61.7 61.3 0.4 61.3 0.4
Legroom (front) 40.4 41.4 -1 40.4 Same
Legroom (rear) 37.6 34.3 3.3 33.8 3.8
Shoulder room (front) 54.8 54.7 0.1 52.8 2
Shoulder room (rear) 54 52.8 1.2 52.1 1.9
Headroom (front) 40.5 40.2 0.3 39.9 0.6
Headroom (rear) 38.3 38 0.3 37.5 0.8
Cargo Volume (rear seats in use) 17.6 17.5 0.1 17.5 0.1
Cargo Volume (rear seats folded flat) 47.6 47.9 -0.3 42.2 5.4

Weight is another area that the Clubman wins. The Countryman S All4 manual we tested recently (coming soon) weighed in at 3629 lbs compared to 3445 lbs for the Clubman equivalent. That gives the Clubman a .4 second advantage to 60 while costing around $2500 less.

Look at that boot.

Comparing the new Countryman to its predecessor it’s a full 7 inches longer. The F60 also heavier with the average weight gain across models around 350 lbs. Yet it’s faster overall with 0-60 times down in most cases. For the Cooper manual this means a 0-60 dash that’s now 1.6 seconds faster. Like the Clubman that came before it, this weight gain only tells a part of the story. This is a larger much more comfortable car that will appeal to a wider array of buyers.

So how does the new F60 2017 MINI Countryman drive? Our upcoming review will tell you everything you need to know.

  • alexklue

    This is just the raw numbers. When test driving a CM S All4 i was both shocked by the quality (positively) and the driving (negatively). This car is 2 levels up from 1st generation CM but everything you ever associated with MINI (handling, agility, steering feel,harsh ride, road and interior noise) is completely gone. No surprise with 200kg additional weight, it’s a real double whopper. If i were looking for this driving culture, i would go for the X1 with the benefit of getting a more consistent design. Sad, but true: MINI you lost me! An owner of 6 MINIs (R50s, R55, R60) since 2002.

    • Having just driven the two (X1 and F60) I can’t disagree more. The MINI has a quicker turn-in, weighs less and feels overall more eager.

      • alexklue

        Sorry, hadn’t had the opportunity to drive the X1 which to me is the more authentic offering… But this was not my point. The MINI feeling has completely gone and design has gotten worse with every generation/iteration. I agree on the relatively quick turn and moderate body roll (sports suspension). But improved quality & comfort cannot make up the negative impact of sacrifying a once highly engaged and now gone intense driving experience I loved so much. I am well aware of this being a trade-off and appreciate the efforts of MINI engineers, marketers and controllers in squaring the circle. It’s just my personal view.

  • Jon A

    Your numbers for the front and rear track comparison don’t add up. 61.5 is not 2.5 greater than 61.6. Same for the rear.

    While I don’t mind the looks of the the new Countryman, I’d still rock the Clubman as a daily. I had the opportunity to drive one for about 2 weeks when my R55 MCCS was in the shop. The loaner was a Justa but I found it to be really enjoyable. Still fun to toss about on many drives and deceptively quick on the highway. Fuel economy was not good at all. My kiddos also liked it more than my R55 because rear seat access was better and they felt they could see out of it better.

    • Talk to MINI on those numbers – they come from them. The difference I believe is correct however.

      • J_Luis

        And the weights Gabe? It mentions that the Clubman wins on weighing less, but then the article states the Clubman numbers as larger ?

  • Nick Dawson

    With much talk recently about where the fifth super hero MINI – the all electric Cooper E – might be built, I looked back to see where in the world the original BMC Minis were built. The answer is quite surprising.

    1. UK – Birmingham 1959-2000
    2. UK – Oxford 1959-1966
    3. Australia 1961-1978
    4. Belgium 1966-1981
    5. Chile 1963-1974
    6. Irish Rep 1959-1975
    7. Italy 1965-1975
    8. Netherlands 1959-1966
    9. New Zealand 1960-1982
    10. Portugal 1964-1980
    11. South Africa 1959-1983
    12. Spain 1966-1975
    13. Uruguay 1973-1977
    14. Venezuela 1991-1995

    Final score: BMC Mini 14 vs BMW MINI 2.

  • Bob Lavoie

    My F60 S All4 just arrived my dealership late yesterday. Expect to take delivery sometime on Monday. Will have the blackout headlight & taillight rings installed before delivery. Attached photo from MF is the color combo & wheels I select for my CM.

    • Nick Dawson

      Bob – hope all goes well today. Let us know how you get on.

      • Bob Lavoie

        Nick…..took delivery of my CM S All4 on Monday. After owning 3 previous smaller MINIs…R56S, R58JCW, and the F55S, this new F60S All 4 does feel larger matching it’s obvious larger look. Haven’t done any ‘vigorous’ driving yet, but I feel it’ll hold its own in those tight turns when needed.

        My wife really likes it, as do a few of my neighbors who got a close look at it when I drove it home Monday. Already getting some looks at traffic light stops. Very happy with this Chestnut color along with the black roof, wheels and blackout headlight/taillight rings added at the dealer. Already transferred some badges to the grill. The attached photo I took today gives a great look of this new MINI….

        • Looks great!

        • Nick Dawson

          Bob, your car looks, in one word and three syllables, fab-u-lous!

          Thank you for your feedback and the photo. It’s obvious that you are going to have a lot of fun with this car. Enjoy 🙂