BSSP Resigns as MINIUSA Begins Search for a New Ad Agency

Big news in the advertising world today as BSSP has formally resigned the MINIUSA account after 11 years. Via Adage:

“This has been a difficult decision for the agency. Over the years, we have created great work with the talented team at Mini,” said John Butler, chief creative officer at BSSP, in a statement. “It’s unusual to have such an extended relationship with a client. We appreciate that opportunity.”

BSSP famously followed in the big foot steps of Crispin Porter + Bogusky who helped create the brand in the US. But BSSP had plenty of ideas of their own and helped the brand expand from one car and two models to the entire range of cars with over 100 dealers to support.

More from Adage: Mariella Kapsaskis, Mini communications manager for BMW North America, said in a statement that Mini USA is initiating a creative agency review. She also stated that BSSP decided not to participate in the review and has resigned the business. “We respect their decision and appreciate their great work and partnership over the past 11 years,” she said.

Clearly this was a hard decision given the length of the relationship and the strength of some of the work. However it does allow MINI USA a chance to bring in a fresh perspective. MINIUSA’s marketing has seen critique on this site and elsewhere over the past few years and there’s room for new ideas and approaches.

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Do I think their advertising was stellar, no not really. But I don’t think its the reason sales in the US market have been down either. Expensive small cars are a tough sell right now. I don’t think Americans see Premium and Small as things that go together generally. I love mine, but I’d b kidding myself to think my tastes fall in the normal range.

    But hey if Niche cars are BMW’s thing, occupying every single Niche in the market MINI makes sense and fits in with X 1 through 7 on top of 2 Series to 7 Series with Gran Coupes and Gran Turismo’s in between those.

  • CMMC_Steve

    So no more “Cram it in the Boot” ads?

  • Bob Hayhurst

    In a word, Sales. I would think other adjustments would be in the works to further underscore the need to stimulate US sales. I loved most but not all of BSSP efforts to deepen USA market share, but now it’s time for a change. Good luck to whoever takes on this challenge.


    Its not the adds or the size its the price and HP. Like it or not premium in the USA = higher HP. Cars in same price range as JCW: STI, focus RS, golf R Cars in same price range as cooper S: WRX, ST, GTI

    notice a HP trend mini?