A Look Back at MINI USA and BSSP’s Greatest Hits: Hammer & Coop

Over the years BSSP and MINI USA have collaborated on some pretty memorable campaigns ranging from original video content to publicity stunts involving Porsche. Today we’re looking back at a video series that was created in conjunction with the US launch of the R56 MINI in early 2007 – Hammer & Coop

Hammer & Coop

The campaign was truly impressive offering everthing a Hammer and Coop name generator (it bestowed on me “Grand Slam Ball Bearings”) to an official MINI stripes package and eventually even a metal lunch box.

Here’s to hoping that MINI doesn’t lose its sense of humor as it continues to tell the world how premium it is.

  • b-

    Best MINI and ASIA mashup ever!

  • donburnside

    I still have the lunchbox!

  • oldsbear

    2007 message: we’re quick, we’re sexy, we’re fun. And we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 2017 message: we’re upper-crust, we’re big, we’re luxurious. We take ourselves very seriously.

    • Jon Cammarata

      This. This is why I still have my loved and revered R53, and will likely never own another MINI again. They’ve gone too upmarket, and priced themselves out of my income tax bracket.