MINI USA Prices the Countryman Hybrid

Drum roll please. The highly anticipated MINI Countryman Hybrid has a price for the US market: $36,800. That puts the hybrid just below the JCW Countryman but above every other Countryman.

Countryman Hybrid

The base MSRP of $36,800 (plus $850 D&H) is just part of the story. Depending on customers’ income tax situations, they may be able to receive a $4000 federal income tax credit for purchasing a new plug-in hybrid, which would bring the effective net cost down to $32,800. This can decrease even further for customers in certain states where additional incentives are available.

The Countryman Hybrid is also a performance powerhouse with a 0-60 time of 6.7 seconds – .3 under the Cooper S.

The 2018 MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is extremely well equipped as standard. Although the standard content is similar to that of a conventional Cooper S Countryman or Cooper S Countryman ALL4, there are several key differences due to the PHEV’s unique technology.

  • 6-speed Automatic Transmission
  • LED Headlights with Cornering Lights and LED Fog Lights
  • 18″ Pair Spoke silver wheels
  • Heated Sport Seats with Leatherette
  • Comfort Access keyless entry
  • 6.5” Visual Boost screen w/MINI Connected
  • Enhanced Bluetooth w/audio streaming dual
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers and automatic headlights
  • Split-folding (but not sliding) rear seats
  • MINI Driving Modes
  • MINI Excitement Package

What about the manual transmission? As we expected this is the first MINI ever to not be offered with a manual transmission.

The Countryman Hybrid will begin production in June and should hit US showrooms in the middle of July.

  • Seems like a no-brainer vs a Cooper S if automatic is acceptable. A few hundred dollars more initial cost, but significantly cheaper to fuel (especially if you have a 110v plug available), faster, and cheaper to maintain (less frequent brake replacement).

  • MKDenver

    Seems odd that the panorama roof would be an option for the hybrid, but std for all other ALL4s.

    • Ryan George

      This would be for efficiency reasons….. an interior without a sunroof will be easier to cool, not taxing the air conditioner as much.

  • Any word when they will start taking orders or when the MINI Usa site will have the configurator available?

    • Ryan George

      We are already taking orders at our store, and have one at the port now. It’s just awaiting EPA fuel econ numbers for release.

      • Yeah my Dealer started taking orders a few weeks back and has one at port as well finally. I decided to go with an S vs SE since a Fully Loaded S was still well over $200 cheaper a month with a lease even after Credits for the SE. 🙁 I hope anyone who decided to lease an SE is aware they will be paying around $600-$700 a month after credits… The residual was running 59% on an S vs 43% on an SE so they are def not leasing well for the 2017 model. I haven’t checked after the changeover to the 2018’s but I wonder if it’s any better.

        • Ryan George

          That’s because since nobody actually HAS any 2018’s in their inventory yet, MINI hasn’t done any lease programs for them, for any bodystyle. Right now all leases are optimized for 2017 model year cars since that’s all anybody has in stock at this time. Once the 2018’s start landing on lots, you will likely see those lease numbers drastically change. I’ve been with MINI since 2010, so I know how they roll. :- )

        • Oh trust me I know. :). This is my 7th MINI since 2004 and that’s exactly what my good friend ( who happens to be my MA) said as well. That was the reason I went with a 2017 vs 2018 bc of the incentives they were offering and I didn’t want to have the additional wait for the switchover. He had a pretty good outlook on the 2018’s from his regional and stated they would be about the same.

  • Fred Luna

    Without a manual transmission, just forget it!

    • Ryan George

      Fred, I’m not aware of anybody that makes any hybrid with an electric motor assist and also offers it in stick shift. You CAN get just about every other version of the countryman in stick shift.