Worldwide MINI Sales Up 6.1% For the Year

While MINI USA sales took at hit in April, the MINI sales worldwide continued to reach record levels with a total of 83,059 units sold during the first three months 2017. That number represents a new first-quarter sales volume record for the MINI brand (2016: 78,311 units; +6.1%).

mini sales

The new MINI Clubman reported a significant rise, with deliveries to customers increasing to 14,830 units up an impressive 21.8%. Makes sense to us as it represents the best value of the entire range.

First-quarter sales of the new MINI Convertible tripled to 7,705 units (2016: 2,553 units). With 47,530 units sold, the MINI 3 and 5 door models matched their previous year’s performance (2016: 47,396 units; +0.3%).

The Countryman will be impacting sales noticeably in the 2nd quarter onward to it’ll be interesting to see how that canabalizes Clubman sales and/or brings new folks into the brand – especially in the US and China.