Woofcast 621: Gert Hildebrand Was Right

Gabe is offended, still loves the Clubman and we call him on it and then give him the time to explain himself. I am pretty sure he did a good job of it. Alex had the chance to drive Todd’s race car and roadster, plus a bunch of other cars, and I ask the boys to buy a MINI with only $8kUS to spend, which brought us our first mention of the Clubvan for 2017. Sure, we go long this week, but it’s a really great show. Oh yea, read about the $50K mini van here.

AMVIV updates this week too. If you are interested, and you should be, Mike Marzo will be coding MINIs at the event. Get over to the vendor page to send him an email to ask questions about what he can do and what it will cost. Trust us, he can do some cool stuff. Also, Todd still has spots for graphic installs, hit him up to book your time and discuss options. If you are going, you will also be seeing me, db, emcee the pool party! It’s going to be a great time and we hope to see you all there!

Don’t forget the fine, OG sponsors, here under the White Roof; Cravenspeed.com and Outmotoring.com(including http://www.mnidomore.com for all your trailer pulling needs). Also, our new friends over at HIDextra have extended the discount code until September! Use mini15 at checkout to save 15%.

This week’s album art comes via Kelli Creighton, who did an ‘@’ reply to us on Instagram. This could be you too, just do the same thing! Ping @whiteroofradio on Instagram or Twitter, upload it to our Facebook page or the Patreon page and you will get picked!



  • Kevin Bartlett

    Great discussion on this show.

    Having had my F54 JCW for a couple of months now, I feel like I echo many of Gabe’s feelings. I went with a manual car, and don’t regret it for a second. When Gabe calls it a “fair value” I have to agree with him. Look for another wagon style car in the marketplace that offers similar performance…..I come up with Focus RS, WRX and Golf R. None of them are direct comparisons but I would say Golf R is the closest (the Focus and the WRX are raw and less refined cars). All of them may have more performance, but I enjoy my cars character more. I came from a BMW wagon, to go into another one would’ve been $10k more than my Clubman costed me. All of them seem overpriced to me, so maybe all cars are just overpriced right now.

    As far as power goes, Gabs thought the auto made it feel like it starts softly (or something like that), well I have to say the manual at least under normal starts feels the same way. Maybe you could dump the clutch at higher RPM but I’m not doing it on my car. Would a tune fix that, maybe. I partially think the car is just so composed it doesn’t feel fast. Cars are just too good for their own good in some cases.

    Oh and for $8k, I’d love to have my 2004 R53 JCW back, still my favorite car and it sold for $7500 a couple of years ago. It had 110,000 miles on it but I paid nearly it’s sale price in repairs in the 18 months before I let it go, I wonder if whoever bought it had to shell out to fix anything after picking it up, but I’ll never know.

    • DB

      Thanks Kevin. Nice hear from another Clubman owner! Thanks for listening!

    • I second Gabe’s thoughts on the JCW. Yes, it is expensive, but look at the prices of cars these days. I have all 3 option packages, 6spd, the MINI Yours power seats, heads up display, touchscreen nav, 19″ Course Spoke rims and to top it off and also added the extended maintenance warranty to get back the free pads qnd rotors, which were removed on ’17 model cars. This is by far my most favorite MINI I’ve ever driven or owned, having had an R53 and two R60 All4 S’s. The clutch pedal has the best feel they’ve ever put in a MINI, the torque is so good there’s no reason to rev it to redline. It handles so well you forget the car is as large as it is. This thing handles like it’s on rails. I’ll be anxious to hear Gabe’s thoughts throughout the year since this car is so much more than the S he had previously.

      • Kevin Bartlett

        Yours is even more loaded than mine, I didn’t order just found one that was what I wanted.. I have all three packages and Heads up.. I got cloth JCW seats (which I love). Didn’t get 19 inch wheels. Got the Dynamic Dampers, the Mini Yours Wheel (agree that it is wonderful), roof rails (not a choice I made but the seem like a good idea). Rear Fogs, and the Garage Door opener mirror. But stayed away from power seats (good grief those are expensive) and leather other places.

        Like Gabe said, incentives knocked the price down more than $3500 in March when I got mine for JCW’s. I’m a bit jealous of Gabe’s Rebel Green…..but I really like the Red Roof on mine with the White Silver (though I feel a bit old to have a red roofed car). I got away under 40k and don’t find it offensively expensive in today’s car world.

        Have never modded a car, but the Dinantronics is so tempting….if Gabe does it I’ll do it (no pressure).