Let’s Create Our Own MINI Cooper Signature Line

MINI USA is releasing something called “The MINI Cooper Signature Line” – a package that brings a handful of key options to customers for the lowest price possible.

Think of the MINI Cooper Signature Line as a value pack for people who want a minimalist approach to a MINI. The line gives you four options:

  • Upgraded paint (see options above)
  • 16” Black Victory Spoke Wheels
  • White turn signals
  • Heated seats

It’s a great move by MINI USA to both control product on showroom floors and make the buying process a little easier. But where’s the manual? Where’s are the options that make a MINI a Mini?

Here’s our challenge: Let’s create our own MINI Cooper signature line. MINI’s Cooper Signature Line is comprised of four options that normally cost $2200. What would your $2200 worth of options be?

We’ll give you ours first:

  • Dynamic damper control,
  • 17” wheels (Cosmos spoke)
  • Sport Seats
  • Wait! It’s options that normally cost $3100, but instead are offered for only $2200.

    Back to the drawing board, Gabe!

    My Signature Line would be as follows: – Manual or Automatic – Sport Seats (300) – Excitement Package (250) – MINI Driving Modes (500) – Upgraded paint, any $500 color (500) – Harmon Kardon sound (750) – 16″ wheels (750)

    Total: $3050 of options.

    • I figured it would be at least a day before someone pointed that out!

  • Jim

    As Zachary said, it’s really a $3100 limit on options.

    My choices are: – MINI Seven Edition Package at $2500 that includes – MINI Seven bonnet stripes – 17″ MINI Seven two-tone wheels – Melting Silver roof/mirror caps – Exclusive MINI Seven badging – Cloth/Leather in Black/Malt Brown (these are sport seats) – MINI Seven Door Sills – Piano Black interior surface – Dynamic Damper Control at $500 that includes – MINI Driving Modes – Rear Fog Light at $100

  • oldsbear

    Hold on, Gabe.

    MINI is looking for items that cost them little or nothing extra. Like rear fog lamps. All they need to do is to turn them on. Like anthracite headliner. Cloth is cloth. Speaking of cloth, how about cloth seat covers? Cheap. Your choices would cost MINI some extra bucks.

    NOPE: Dynamic damper control (Extra bucks) NOPE: 17” wheels (Cosmos spoke) (Extra bucks) NOPE: Sport Seats (Extra bucks)

  • R.O.
    • HID headlights
    • Sub out either midnight black or Pepper White with Moonwalk Grey or Melting Silver
    • Auto Dimming & Powerfolding mirrors
    • Automatic transmission (most US buyers don’t order a Manual)
    • Storage Package This would be a good “Signature Line” cover and in general meet the needs of average US driver. Also since all new cars sold in the US beginning in 2018 will be required to have backup camera, might as well include it now.

    Bonnet Strips, people could get after market or dealer installed.

  • donburnside

    I’d keep the 16s, add sport seats, white turn signals and front fogs and HK. Oh, and a White Roof.