Woofcast 626: JCW Sales are Insane

Joined by Mr. Bridger from MotoringFile this week and we starting talking about the new Signature Line and pretty much go everywhere from there. After losing Gabe, we talk about the mess that is MINIUSA’s marketing vs. What The Dealers are doing. And I log into the Owners Lounge.

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  • oldsbear

    Would you publish transcripts of Woof? It takes so long for anything to be said, I don’t even try to listen any more. Thanks.

    • DB

      Thanks for trying to listen! I will look into getting transcripts made of the shows!

    • Ashley Wilson

      I’d wager “no.” If you’re too busy to listen to an audio podcast, you’re probably too busy to read. Or multitask.


    Good WRR segment. With regard to some of Gabe’s comments: TOTALLY agree with the usage of the cooper moniker on the model lines. Restrict the Cooper to the current “hardtop” models, and eliminate the “hardtop” naming convention. Although subtle I think it has a positive effect on brand establishment and definition. Also–strongly agree that a version of the Mini Signature line (which I think is a good idea too), dedicated to the Enthusiast is a GREAT idea. The Sport line would include the Manual, and possibly, a few of the JCW only features. That would sweeten the deal and underscore the performance/enthusiast side. The discussion mentioned that JCW sales have been off the charts, despite the steep pricing. Why not offer a taste of that at a very attractive price point–The Sport line models. Lastly I believe the ability to highly customize a MINI is an asset, not a liability. During the discussion someone said that the myriad of configurations is off putting to some customers, who may be turned off and just go buy a Honda, because there are only 3 major configuration choices. I strongly disagree, someone who would do that, isn’t really a MINI customer anyway.

    Good discussion, and keep advocating to improve the brand

    • Greg

      High customizability is a liability if it hinders people from choosing MINI. The important thing is not to limit choice, but to focus it through different methods: -defaults -bundles -list of popular choices


      • CA-MINI

        I would agree with better organization, or helpful listings of popular choices. What I don’t like is bundles or packages that force you into configurations where you have to take what you don’t want and pay for it or simply can’t get what you want in a configuration. I owned a Mazda 3 before my MIni. It was a great car, but one of the reasons I went to Mini, was because of the freedom to configure it vs. the Mazda which essentially just had (3) package/trim levels and a few dealer options.