Racism and Sexism Complaint Filed Against MINI USA

Some unfortunate news out of Automotive News today. Michelle Savoy, a regional market coordinator for Mini’s central region in Illinois has lodged a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission citing a number of issues around racism and sexism at a MINI USA regional office. In response to this BMW of North America has begun an investigating into the claims and is working with the EEOC to resolve the issue. While the move by BMW’s good to hear, the fact there’s potentially been an issue at all is a bit distressing.

As someone who has met dozens (if not hundreds) of MINI employees over the years this is rather shocking. I’ve found most if not all to be great people who love their jobs and have obvious respect for their colleagues. We’ve even met Michelle on several occasions and found her to be incredibly helpful and clearly hard working. Needless to say our hope is that this is resolved in an appropriate manner for both parties.

Source: Automotive News

  • EM1

    I had an issue with MINI USA over how they handled my seat issue as I was duped by my dealer

  • Coops2727

    I worked in sales for MINI in the UK and was called Gay,Queen,Faggot all by my boss and she even called my partner a “Nonce”. The Motor trade in the UK is so backwards, it is full of old school salespeople who never get out the house or realise there is a whole multi-cultural world out there its so backwards. The motor trade in the UK hates to hire anyone who doesnt fit the norm or someone who could sue for disgusting showroom banter.

    I was fired for standing up to my Gay-Hating boss and MINI did nothing about it to support me and they even cancelled my orders for A new MINI & BMW because i reported them.

    MINI Are not supporters of LGBT Rights which is shame for the brand. I still love the cars but the BMW brand has tainted it for me.

    • ME

      All dealership personal are either two faced or out to lunch mentally most of the time. Do you really think the BMW board is any different? I am not a believer in globalism and multi-culturalism. Societies function much better being homogenus, however people shouldn’t be be verbally abused to others. Respect should be given to all.