MINI CarPlay Demoed by MINI USA

As of July 1st MINI CarPlay is a reality. The only rub is that its exclusive to the Clubman and Countryman for the time being (we expect F55, F56, and F57 CarPlay for March production). But for those who are interested in how MINI has implemented the technology and the type of functionality it’s capable of, this video is for you.

For those looking for Android Auto you’ll likely need to wait a bit longer. BMW is on record in saying that the current form of Android Auto isn’t something that they want in their cars due to the lack of control Google allows automakers.

Pro tip – for those bummed about missing CarPlay don’t be. In our tests with this latest version of CarPlay and the wireless implementation BMW is using, things are plenty buggy. In fact we’d go so as to call this a beta type of experience at this point.

  • b-

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  • Peter

    Beta or not, EXTREMELY frustrating this will not be an update to to all 2017 clubmans with touchscreen infotainment. As one of the most desirable options in the infotainment realm these days had my MSA been up front (not that MINI told them anything) I would have waited a month to purchase my car. Beta now means prime time sooner than later with an apple product and let’s face it, the current connected system hasn’t gotten out of beta since its inception. Just another Miss by MINI US corp who do not want to look past how to appease jd powers and take care of their true core clientele.

    • It’s not MINI USA that is at fault for your inability to upgrade. That’s an architecture decision that was made basically 3-5 years ago in Munich by BMW.

    • Jaymes Deen

      “One of the most desirable options”…….. ROFL, yes the next thing that we need is car makers to make a built in poop seat, so you can crap while you drive, lol.

      The most important thing for a car is that ti Drives Well, Safe, and Reliable. If you are getting into your car to play with your phones apps, get a life and stay off the road cause your are going to kill someone with your distraction.

  • Jay

    What’s the word on wireless CarPlay for MINI? BMW is shipping the first OEM wireless CarPlay system in the new 5 series.

    • Wireless CarPlay is what debuted in the Countryman and Clubman for July production.

      • Jay

        Ah, I missed the wireless part the first time around. Interesting that it’s so buggy. The aftermarket alpine unit with wireless CarPlay is getting pretty good reviews.

  • ME

    All cars equipped with Apple Car play no longer have the sport, normal and economy dial around the shifter. They’re using an older model in the video, sad.