Woofcast 628: “I Love The Clubman” — G. Bridger, 2017

It’s that crazy slow time of the year where nothing is really happening anywhere due to back to school. Still, we solidier on and talk about flight delays, throttle response in a Ferrari vs. a MINI, and RAV4s jumping over a draw bridge in New Jersey. We also talk about MINIs and some BMW stuff from BimmerFile too!

Plus a host of other topics this week. We were a bit all over the place as we like to do sometimes. If you missed it, there was a new episode of Black Roof Radio posted earlier this week. You can join the club and get access to those episodes plus early access to all shows over at the Patreon Clubhouse.



  • Cursing Monk

    “I love the Clubman (JCW).” – C. Monk, 2017

    • DB

      Yes yes. Well played good man, well played indeed. ?