The MINI JCW GP Concept and MINI Electric Concepts Live at Frankfurt


Today’s the day that MINI is taking the wraps off of the JCW GP Concept and the MINI Electric concept in Frankfurt. We’ve spoken in detail about both concepts and how they represent two very different ends of the brand and a look into the future of MINI’s 4th generation car.

This is our best look yet at both cars (especially the Electric concept) and they show really well in person. The details of the JCW GP come to life in person and look at bit less ostentatious. The Electric concept is even more impressive in person as the simplicity of the design is much more striking in person. But that’s our take. What’s yours?

  • Nick Dawson

    At the Frankfurt Auto Show today, MINI’s exterior design boss, Christopher Weil confirmed that the MINI E Concept gives strong hints not only at the first production battery-powered model, but also at how MINI’s design language could be reinvented on the fourth generation model. In so doing, he has inadvertently, or deliberately, confirmed rumors that the fourth generation MINI will move away from the previous ‘retro Mini’ look.

    “We wanted to show something with a very reduced form language that takes out the detailing,” Weil said. “The upper part of the body has been cleaned up a lot. We’ve played with very simple and powerful themes — there’s a cleanness to the car that gives it a more contemporary feel”.

    “The chrome details, which have really stood for MINI like the waistline finishers, the headlamp and tail-light surrounds, and even the door handles – we took all? of these out. Even the MINI logo is very minimal. Then we reduced the door handles and rear-view mirrors to a more minimal appearance. Also gone are the MINI’s trademark black wheel arch spats”.

    • MVJCW

      Unfortunately, this new “design language” seems to be tied to BMW. I know, one big happy family. But historically there is no legitimate excuse for following BMW’s “design language”, which gets worse with every new model (check out their latest SUV). Check out this snow plow:

      • Nick Dawson

        I quite like the “snow plow”, but I agree with you on the X7 Concept. BMW has promised that the production X7 will be toned down for production, but as it stands I suspect that it will be a big hit with buyers who are less than respectable.

  • Nick Dawson

    It is becoming more and more unlikely that BMW will ever sanction a smaller MINI than the current F56. VW is considering the future of its Up city car in Europe, according to company boss Herbert Diess. The Up is one of the most highly regarded City Cars currently on sale.

    While he said the Up was very popular in certain markets, such as Brazil, where VW is localising its production, Diess acknowledged that it was more challenging in Europe.  “We still see a future for that segment but we have to weigh up how much profit contribution and positive CO2 effects we get from [the Up],” said Diess, speaking at the Frankfurt motor show. 

    Diess said no decision had been made on the future of the Up, but added: “Selling small cars is not easy. It’s a very European problem.”

  • Diddi

    Hey! What about LCI 3 and 5 door mini? When can we expect this refresh?

    • 2018

      • Diddi

        In which part of the year? I thought it would be shown in Frankfurt, but unfortunately I was wrong..

        • We’ve reported on it quite a bit. It was scheduled for March 2018 production. Just do a search for LCI.

        • Diddi

          Thanks! 🙂