The Slow Rollout of the Countryman Hybrid is Hurting MINI USA

The MINI Countryman Hybrid is a huge vehicle for MINI and no one can buy them. That’s what we’re hearing from dealers across North America. In our quick survey we’ve heard stories from dealers who have had as much as a dozen Countryman PHEVs on order since May of earlier this year.

The issue of course is that these dealers are dying for a hit vehicle in the US and this hybrid could be that car. Yet MINI dealers can’t get them on lots let along sell them to customers.

So that begs the question – are you waiting for then Countryman PHEV? Are you waiting to test drive one? Or are you just waiting for the full electric MINI?

  • Jack Rowland

    My dealership has sold two, we have one on a boat right now and have two more coming behind that one.

    • Vincent Lecours

      Out of curiosity, since when are these ordered? I ordered mine in September and the dealership has yet to give me an estimated ETA for delivery.

      • Jack Rowland

        We received two in September and sold them both quickly. We ordered another in October for inventory and it is on a boat now. The other two are one step away from going into production and I think they were ordered in October as well.

  • Christopher Johnson

    Interesting, back in August I took my R53 in for an oil change (I won a free one in a FB contest) and was surprised to see a brand new Hybrid Countryman being outfitted with Courtesy car graphics. Meanwhile, the dealer did not have one available for sale.

    I would really like to test drive one as I am hoping that it could replace our F25 X3 in the next year or so.

  • Neil Westfall

    We have delivered 3 pre-ordered PHEVs and I have 1 in stock. 5 more on order with production dates in the final month of this year thru the 1st quarter of next year.

  • Nick Dawson

    U.S. TOP SELLING EV’s & HB’s – OCT 2017 vs YTD

    1. Tesla Model S – 1,120 vs 20,750
    2. Chevrolet Bolt – 2,781 vs 17,083
    3. Chevrolet Volt – 1,362 vs 16,710
    4. Toyota Prius — 1,626 vs 16,682
    5. Tesla Model X — 850 vs 16,140
    6. Nissan LEAF —- 213 vs 10,953
    7. Ford Fusion En — 741 vs 08,026
    8. Ford C Max En — 569 vs 07,181
    9. BMW i3 ———- 683 vs 05,321
    10. Fiat 500e ———310 vs 04,995

    11. BMW X5 xD 40e- 323 vs 03,582

    12. BMW 330e —— 292 vs 03,286
    13. BMW 530e —— 583 vs 02,181
    14. BMW 740e —— 054 vs 00,519
    15. Tesla Model 3 —-145 vs 00,367
    16. BMW i8 ———- 033 vs 00,364
    17. MINI C’man S E – 074 vs 00,325
  • Brian

    We’ve experienced the same problems here in Toronto. We received 2 pre-configured models (MINI Canada chose the options, all eligible dealers received one or two of these)… then we got 5 allocations which sold out pretty quick. We have one available production spot for December build.

  • Nick Dawson

    According to BMW, “October worldwide sales of the MINI Countryman grew by 45.0% (7,503) with more than one in ten of those cars the plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper S E Countryman”.

    In October, MINI USA sales of the Countryman amounted to 1,203. So in line with worldwide sales, some 120 would have been sold in the US, rather than the 74 that were actually sold. Better, but not exactly a game changer.

  • Nick Dawson

    The EV is the fastest growing auto segment worldwide.


    2011 — 17,425 2012 — 52,607 2013 — 97,507 2014 – 122,435 2015 – 116,099 2016 – 158,614 2017 – 157,039 YTD

  • “So that begs the question – are you waiting for then Countryman PHEV? Are you waiting to test drive one? Or are you just waiting for the full electric MINI?”

    We’re waiting for the MINI E. Purposely timed our i3 lease to end around that time.

    That said, the PHEV Countryman is pretty much a no-brainer, value and ownership cost wise, if you were thinking of spending similar money on a non-hybrid Countryman and don’t mind the auto, so it makes sense that demand surpasses supply.

  • Nick Dawson

    If demand for the F60 Countryman S E is currently outstripping supply, that’s a miniscule problem for MINI compared to the problems Tesla is having with the Model 3.

    Demand for Tesla’s entry-level car is high but the firm is struggling with production and taking big financial hits. Will the Model 3 make or break Tesla?

    Autocar has the full story:

  • David Carr

    My Countryman SE arrived just after the UK launch, taking delivery in July. It was 1 of 2 delivered. Though I understand they continue to be like hens teeth for the UK dealers to obtain because of world wide demand. There was a rumour that all production had been brought so orders could not be placed until October and the 2018 model year. I would be interested to know your views on this rumour from across the pond. On the matter of performance it is excellent, though I note 65mpg and 12miles electric are quoted by US sites testing the latest cars for 2018. I am seeing 84mpg and 16 miles electric during the resent U.K. cold spell of 2c as we enter winter. The acid test will be an North American and Canadian winter to see how it truly performs.