Evidence of a 300hp MINI JCW Countryman and Clubman Mounts

We’ve talked about it for years and now it appears a 300 hp MINI is upon us. According to sources the B48 four cylinder will finally hit the 300 hp number starting with the BMW X2 M35i next year. The M35i will likely also spread to the X1 and eventually make its way to the MINI Countryman and Clubman (as a JCW model) sometime in 2019. Earlier this year we saw the Clubman testing this engine at the Nurburgring complete with revised (and more aggressive) JCW styling.

You might have read the recent rumors of a mythical 300 HP Countryman/Clubman both this week and in our original reporting in 2014. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Coming from someone who uses a JCW Clubman as a daily I love the idea of more power.

In its current form our 2017 JCW Clubman feels quick but not fast in an era where SUVs are routinely in the 4s to 60 MPH. That’s what this new JCW Clubman and a Countryman would solve. But do we need it? Do you need it? Clearly that comes down to personal preference but we believe there is a market. The Focus RS and Golf R prove that point well. Looking at current pricing, the likely cost would be well over $40k and probably closer to $45k.

Does the extra performance justify that cost? From what we’re hearing there’s a chance it’ll be more than just the engine upgrade.

MINI will also offer a thoroughly retuned suspension and upgraded brakes. Then there’s the transmission. We originally thought the 300 hp MINI would have a DCT since it’s bejng introduced to the Cooper and Cooper S. Sources tell us tha MINI has decided to go with an iteration in the 8 speed automatic currently in the JCW Clubman and Countryman. While we’d be heart broken if a manual wasn’t in the offering, the 8 speed Auto is already an excellent choice for performance. With further refinement it would likely be hard to argue against in terms of number (feel would be a different argument of course).

Would I buy it over my current JCW Clubman if it were an extra 5k? It may sound obvious but it’s simply too soon to say. The manual version of the current JCW Clubman is such a well balanced car it’s hard to imagine you need more power to have more fun. Granted more power is great, but the real change we’d like to see would be a lighter flywheel and a freer revving engine. Those equal responsiveness which is more of a hallmark of the MINI brand than outright power.

How about you? Would a 300 hp Clubman or Countryman tempt you?

  • Ryan Cooley

    I’d be pissed if they charged extra. But if they add more HP it’s gonna get even WORSE mpg. It sounds good but I think a regular JCW Clubman with a small tune would be fine and plenty for most people. While it sounds amazing…. I’m sure Mini/bmw will ring you dry and make you pay out the wazoo for her.

  • EM1

    They need blind spot warning as standard; dump the start stop crap as nobody uses it.

  • r_k_w

    Gabe, on BimmerFile you wrote that the 300hp B48 engine is for the BMW X2 M35i. So at best MINI would only get a detuned version, right? BMW will never produce a MINI that matches an M model.

    • Time will tell. But I suspect either way that there will be a more powerful JCW MINI coming

      • darex

        Is the X2 the X1 that’s tuned to drive like a Countryman? Seems like that’s their intention with it.

    • Dietmer V. Ladiges

      Love BMW/MINI you get your own car using BMW Stock from EBAY. The question of 300 hp is how long will it last. I think some upgraded parts are needed for that B48A20T1