Now is the Time to Buy a MINI Clubman

There are massive discounts right now on what is arguably MINI’s best four door – the MINI Clubman. We’ve seen discounts of up to $7k and heard of $10k on some lightly used models.


Why the discounts? The Clubman is an oddity on US roads where small crossovers (like the Countryman) dominate. But that’s one of the reasons it’s so special. It’s not far off in size and performance of an BMW E46 3 Seres wagon which was for many enthusiasts a unicorn of performance and utility. Yet when the X3 hit the market 15 years ago, the highly acclaimed wagon was basically dead on dealer lots. Fast forward to 2017 and BMW of North America is preparing to axe it from the US market altogether.

To us the Clubman is that unicorn of the MINI range. It weighs less than the Countryman yet offers the same interior volume (sans the height) and greater performance and efficiency. It’s not as MINI-like as the F56 in terms of agility and response but its quick steering ratio and lighter weight (as compared to the Countryman) helps it retain enough of those characteristics to make any drive interesting.

In addition to that the end of the year is often the best time to buy as dealers are trying to hit year end sales goals. So if you’ve ever been curious about a four door MINI, now is the time to get serious.

You can read all about our experiences with our long term Clubman Cooper s and JCW Clubman right here.

Note: MotoringFile gets no kick backs or share of any sales from any dealers. Consider this strictly a public service announcement.

  • Neil Westfall

    10K off ex-loaners plus I’ve been adding the CPO coverage as well. IT IS the time to buy a Clubman no doubt.

  • Nick Dawson

    This is DESPERATION selling! November sales of the Clubman are down 74% vs Countryman sales which are up 77.5%. Let’s not forget that in 2016, the obsolete R60 Countryman was MINI USA’s best selling model, humiliating the all-new F54 Clubman in second place. Residual values will suffer.

    • Clearly you’re not familiar with the US market. This is all very expected.

      • Nick Dawson

        Your comment, “Clearly you’re not familiar with the US market”, surprised me 🙂

        I first discovered MF in January 2011, the same month that I bought a brand new R60 Countryman, almost seven years ago now, and I have been an avidly reading and commenting on MF – and BF – ever since. I am also an avid reader of Automotive News USA. I don’t claim to be, even remotely, an expert on the US auto market, but I am certainly very aware of what’s happening in the auto industry stateside, and for that matter what is happening worldwide, particularly Europe and Asia.

        • It was meant to be tongue and cheek – always hard to do that digitally.

          But the point behind it is that the Countryman was always going to be the most popular MINI in the US and would immediately cannibalize sales of all other four doors – especially the similar Clubman. The fact that the Clubman sold as well as it did for as long as it did surprised everyone. It’s just not a shape that most Americans are even familiar with.

        • Nick Dawson

          No worries 🙂

          By the way, the ex-Ringo Starr Mini Cooper S sold yesterday at Bonhams Auction for £102,300 – approx US$137,800 inc premium.

        • David Galinat

          I’m rather impressed MINI even bothered with a 2nd gen Clubman. An enthusiast wagon serves a very small niche in the U.S.

    • Ryan Cooley

      Only way I’d buy a clubman is if they give me a new one with heavy discounts. Has to be a jcw too. ????? I swore off used cars a long time ago. You never know what idiot before you thrashed them


    When the new engines roll out on whatever delayed update that is then it will be the time to buy.

    • It’ll be awhile.

    • EM1

      What engine will that be and when?

      • Check out our LCI coverage for full details we had last week:

      • WANDERLUST srt

        my thought is im willing to wait another year to get the new engines and transmissions

        • Ashley Wilson

          You may want to wait two years then. I realize it’s a tweaking of the engine vice a total redesign, but I bought an 07 R56 Cooper S and have been reaping the “benefits” of having a new engine ever since. Which is why I’ve got a JCW Clubman on the boat now.

        • WANDERLUST srt

          im not worried about that, it is a new engine for this platform and will have been used in other platforms before. i have had to lemon law a new bmw before so not really scared if it comes to that. i made money on the bmw actually

        • Ashley Wilson

          Wow, that’s impressive; I figured you’d take it in the shorts if you had to lemon a new car.

        • WANDERLUST srt

          attorneys are helpful and handled all of it, i just gave them the 11 unplanned service slips and they took it from there. disclaimer is i always have 2 vehicles. my jeep has been bulletproof reliable.

  • scott

    Just bought a 6100 mile all4 with the 10k discount-it is EXACTLY a 3 series wagon! I love the power, interior, electronic interface that is finally BMW quality-I hate the fact it is so big it can hardly be called a MINI. Really really nice car

    • Nick Dawson

      “There are massive discounts right now on what is arguably MINI’s best four door – the MINI Clubman. We’ve seen discounts of up to $7k and heard of $10k on some lightly used models”.

      A 6,100 miler is not a lightly used model – it’s just a used car 🙂

      My Countryman has averaged 3k miles per annum so far – that’s what one would call “lightly” used.

      • scott

        AND-10 grand is 10 grand! warranty continues to 56,100 and vehicle was NEVER previously registered-making it a NEW car. If you are only driving your car 3k a year, while it depreciates at the same rate as the rest of them, you are losing money daily.

        • Nick Dawson

          How did it rack up 6,100 miles without ever being registered?

  • glangford

    I really like the new clubman. If I were in the market for a new car, I’d give the clubman a serious look. Digital Blue, white roof, All4 S. That’d be the ticket! I’ve always liked wagons, and their practicality.

  • elaine caldarone

    Which year Clubman is being discounted? I’m thinking about trading in our ’06 Subaru Forster for a Clubman. My ’05 R50 is still going strong.

  • Nick Dawson

    The Countryman is a thoroughly sensible, practical and desirable small SUV. The Clubman is a novelty act, and we all know what happens when the novelty wears off.

  • Greg J QUINN

    rear doors are a pain, rear hatch makes it much more versatile, safer too as rear vision would improve, think the Clubman needs to loose some of its history,

  • Ryan Cooley

    Do you think they would discount a custom order jcw if I ordered it tomorrow? Tired of waiting and the clubman is the perfect for me vs a 5 door. Really want/need awd