MINI and the Tony Hawk foundation have partnered to revitalize the first public skate park in St. Louis. It’s another of a long line of collaborations that the world famous skater and the MINI brand have partnered on and perhaps the most meaningful.

The land for the park was initially purchased by KHVT Advocacy Group, a St. Louis based skateboarding advocacy group. Founder Bryan Bedwell reached out to the Tony Hawk Foundation and together they designed and built the park. As popularity of the park in the community grew, they knew they needed to make it bigger and make improvements to the original park. Tony Hawk reached out to MINI USA to see if we would step in and help bring this new addition of the park to life. The result was an entirely new section of the park aptly called “Rally Corner”.

The Tony Hawk Foundation has helped build over 500 skateparks in all 50 states. MINI USA is proud to support the Foundation in its efforts to empower at-risk youth through the creation of public skateparks. “The process of getting a park teaches kids in the community valuable lessons about perseverance, and that working with their city leaders can be a positive experience,” Hawk says.

head over to the Tony Hawk Foundation to find out more.