The MINI DCT has been highly anticipated and today we get to see our first review of the new transmission. Car Magazine had the opportunity to drive the MINI Cooper D with the all new DCT and came away quietly impressed. While this combination of engine and DCT isn’t the most exciting (the Cooper D makes 114 hp and 199 ft lbs of torque with a low powerband), this is the first product to see the DCT.


Car wasn’t blown away with the transformation but found a few aspects of the DCT to be real improvements.

On first impression, the new DCT is a smooth operator. The shifts aren’t pin-sharp and super quick, but it’s silky smooth when changing up and down on its own, with no sign of jerkiness or shudder (seen with torque concverter autos) sent through the car.

Hit a country lane and plant your foot, and kickdown takes a while to, well, kick down. When it does, though, it does it in a civilised fashion. There’s no severe body movement or kicking you in the back when changing down a cog or two – it’s a properly smooth little gearbox, if one that doesn’t like to be hurried.

Better than the old auto? Yes. It’s a slicker transmission when you want to kick down, but it’s still fairly relaxed. But that suits the Cooper D we drove fairly well, although there’s a noticeable amount of vibration at low speeds if you’re sitting in a higher gear. It doesn’t hunt around for the appropriate ratio, though. It works well.

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