2017 MINI Sales Had a Record Year Worldwide


Worldwide 2017 MINI sales achieved a new record with 371,881 vehicles delivered to customers around the world, an increase of 3.2% on the previous year. As expected the new MINI Countryman helped tremendously as it saw a jump in sales of 30.0% (84,441). Another significant contributor to the brand’s sales success was the MINI Convertible, which grew sales 12.0% (33,317).

“We are delighted that with our new brand strategy, we have achieved a new sales record. The focus of the MINI portfolio on fewer but more characterful models was completed with the launch of the new MINI Countryman last year,” stated Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management responsible for MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad.

“The Countryman contributed significantly to MINI’s growth in 2017 and the first MINI plug-in hybrid also achieved excellent results. I am sure that this success will continue into 2018, with the launch from March of the new MINI 3 and 5 door, as well as the MINI Convertible, supporting the brand’s further growth,” he continued.

  • Nick Dawson


    2013: 305,030 vs 66,502 = 21.80% 2014: 302,183 vs 56,112 = 18.57% 2015: 338,466 vs 58,514 = 17.29% 2016: 360,233 vs 52,030 = 14.44% 2017: 371,881 vs 47,105 = 12.67%

    The automobile buying habits of US consumers is not likely to change until gasoline prices reach $3 a gallon, which is not forecast to happen anytime soon.


  • I personally can vouch for the new generation Countryman as a very good choice for someone that wants to stay with MINI, yet have a larger, more versatile and still fun to drive vehicle. My special ordered 2017 All 4 S CM with 8 speed auto/paddles was delivered to me last March…now with more than 16K miles in that 10 month period of mostly highway driving. Despite its weight/size, got as much as 37 MPG at a steady 75+MPH. It’s been trouble free!!!!

    Had 3 previous MiNiS…all virtually trouble free or near so…an ‘08 R56 MCS hatch, ‘12 JCW R58 Coupe, and a ‘15 F55S 4 door hatch. Each a very different drive from the others….each with its own character! And now my ‘17 CM All4S joins that group. Have a feeling I may hold on to this one longer than the others.

  • Nick Dawson

    In 2011, Countryman sales accounted for 31.23% of total MINI sales, whereas in 2017, Countryman sales accounted for only 22.71% of total MINI sales.

    2011: 285,060 vs 89,036 (R60 1st Full Yr) 2017: 371,881 vs 84,441 (F69 1st Full Yr)

    However, the difference this time around is that whereas in 2011 the Countryman was the only 4-door MINI, in 2017 the Countryman had to compete against two other 4-door siblings, especially the Clubman which is also available with All4 wheel drive.