MINI USA Sales Down 5.6% for January

MINI USA sales are continuing their downward trend for the first month of 2018. In total MINI USA reported 2,937 vehicles sold, a decrease of 5.6 percent from the 3,110 sold in the same month a year ago. All individual models were down with the Countryman being the lone exception.

While the top-line isn’t that alarming, it’s clear the crossover is absolutely murdering the four door hatch and Clubman – down 22% and 60% respectively. Knowing the US buying habits we all saw it coming but even still it’s pretty incredible how much the higher riding Countryman is the preferred option.

  • Nick Dawson

    Not only were all the other models down on sales, the Countryman outsold the combined sales of all of its sibling models:


    Hardtop 2dr 0645 Hardtop 4dr 0368 Clubman— 0238 Convertible- 0201

    Combined– 1,452 Countryman 1,485

    • glangford

      If I were in the market for a Mini, the clubman would be my first choice. It’s problem is cost. For the amount it costs to get a half decent outfitted clubman S you’ll find a plethora of nice autos worthy of consideration.

    • J_Luis

      They could have a decently-equipped, reasonably accelerating model available for under $30k.

      It’s simply unacceptable in this market for a new car (not SUV) costing more than $25k to be 9 seconds 0-60. I’m sure it’s an immediate turnoff for most test drivers. And to the previous commenter’s point, the S is really too expensive.

    • Gary

      The MINI marketing that pops up on my screen these days is exclusively Countryman and outdoor adventure-oriented. It’s clearly what they’re pushing.

  • Anony

    I’ve been holding off on a hardtop purchase for the LCI. Now that it seems like USA is going to get a watered down LCI, I think the declining sale will continue because people like me are waiting for stuff like DCT, and a proper LCI like the rest of the world is getting.