MINI Introduces 4G Connectivity and MINI Connected Updates

It’s taken years but MINI Connected is something that we at MF finally use on a daily basis. It’s simple in its scope but completely affective. With these new updates MINI is positioning it as an embedded alternative to CarPlay (which we’ve found thus far quite lacking in functionality and navigation design). And before you ask the question, the answer is yes. This will be available in the US.

Official Release: From March 2018, all new MINI models will be available with the option of a built-in 4G SIM card that will usher in a new era of connectivity. The new digital services it enables will be available in 43 markets worldwide following the launch of the new-generation MINI Connected. This will allow MINI drivers to access a digital world of personalised services designed to make day-to-day mobility and planning even easier – and, in so doing, integrate the MINI seamlessly into their digital lives.

The first models to be made available with this new and extensive connectivity capability are the new MINI 3 Door, new MINI 5 Door and the new MINI Convertible. This means the existing features in the portfolio, such as Intelligent Emergency Call and Teleservices, will be joined by new services including the Concierge Service, Real Time Traffic Information with navigation map updates and MINI Online.

Update heralds the arrival of the latest digital services in MINI models. The optional 4G SIM card and an update for the MINI Connected app will allow customers to access a variety of new digital services from March 2018. These include Time-to-Leave Notifications (push messages to assist punctual departure), Send to Car (for importing destinations from a smartphone to the car), Remote Services (e.g. for locking the car’s doors from a smartphone) and – in electrified MINI models – a charging timer, charging station search facility and personal efficiency status display. The newly available MINI Concierge Service provides an excellent source of assistance while on the move. The Concierge can be contacted by telephone around the clock to source information and address data for the driver, research connections and offer practical tips during the journey. The spread of connectivity facilities in the MINI is rounded off by Apple CarPlay (already available).

The new MINI Connected services will be offered in a choice of three packages: Connected Media, Connected Navigation and Connected Navigation Plus. When used together with the MINI Connected app on a smartphone, they will open up access to a host of digital services both inside the car and beyond.

The MINI Connected portfolio will be expanded in the following 43 countries from March: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Macao, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, USA, United Arab Emirates.

  • minicooperracer

    Would be nice if this could be a retro add on for all F series

  • Steve Wellen

    So will we need an additional contract with a mobile phone provider?

    • No – it all goes through MININ. If it’s identical to how BMWUSA offers the service, the connectivity will be included for 4 years / 50,000 miles. After that it’s an annual fee.

  • Charles

    So when will the Countryman/Countryman S E get this? New builds starting in March 2018, or will we not see this until 2019 model year?

    • Brian

      As far as I know all MINIs produced 03/18 and onward are 2019 models, and I believe the UKL2 platform cars will be getting this upgrade as well. At least, here in Canada.

      • Charles

        Do you have a reliable source for this? Because my (pessimistic) reading of the press release is that new models introduced starting March 2018 will get 4G connectivity, not that any Minis manufactured after this date will have it. Note the specific mention of the “new MINI 3 Door, new MINI 5 Door and the new MINI Convertible” models.

        • Brian

          Pretty reliable. Base models produced starting 03/18 include basic teleservices functions (like the emergency calling); additional options provide real-time traffic, remote services, etc.

        • birbilis

          My SE is produced as we speak…l will be very pissed if the the new features are added next month!

        • Brian

          Fingers crossed! Which market are you in?

        • birbilis

          Greece. Ordered in November with production estimate for 02/18. Most of the teleservices probably won’t work here. But it’s very irritating that I’m not getting the latest gear for a just few days…

        • Brian

          I understand! Chances are you’ll miss out on them. On the other hand, the prices of the 2019 models have increased by a substantial margin here in Canada, so you would likely have saved quite a bit by getting the 2018.