Rumor: The JCW Engine Kit Delayed in Europe Due to Emissions

We’ve heard from two sources now that the JCW Engine Kit is currently unavailable in Europe due to it not meeting upcoming emissions regulations for the continent. We’re reaching out to MINI for confirmation but until then file this one under rumor.

For a quick refresher F55/F56 JCW kit is comprised of a full ECU remap and stainless steel exhaust.

  • A stainless steel cat-back system – cannot be sold without the engine kit
  • Optional Carbon Fiber and Stainless tips with JCW logos
  • 15hp Power increase due to ECU remapping and increase flow
  • A remote that allows the driver to open and close the electronic baffle inside the exhaust allowing for a more aggressive note when appropriate
  • Track mode – opens the exhaust baffle increasing exhaust noise via a button on the remote – not approved for the street
  • Available only on the Cooper S as a dealer accessory

What’s interesting is that we heard a rumor late last year that the JCW itself would be unavailable for most of 2018 for the same reasons.

  • Marvin

    The Pro Exhaust is not anymore allowed since 11/2017 production, that won’t change because of new loudness rules. The JCW itself will be have an production break since mid of next year because of a new filter for emissions! Nothing especially new, its clear since some weeks 🙂