MINI USA Sales Down 9.1% For March

MINI sales

For March, MINI USA sales are down 9.1% with 4,531 vehicles sold from the 4,987 sold in the same month a year ago. Sales were down across every model with the glaring exception of the Countryman crossover. As the US market (and China) shifts to predominantly crossovers, MINI’s model strategy will likely mirror this change. We’d expect data like this to bring more crossovers to the market from MINI including one slotted below the Countryman in both size and price.

Until then we’re going to continue to see the Countryman eat into then sales of not just the Clubman but also the four door and even the hatch.

  • ulrichd

    Wow, without the Countryman US MINI sales are down over 35% from last year.

  • Nick Dawson

    The Clubman continues to haemorrhage sales, down 50.19% YTD. No wonder sources are reporting that the Clubman will be “reinvented” for the next generation all-electric MINI Metro and that the Convertible will not be replaced.


    Countryman — 4,913 (+83.90%) Hardtop 2/4dr – 3,698 (-15.85%) Convertible —- 0,948 (-27.90%) Clubman ——- 0,947 (-50.19%)

  • Patrick W

    MINI’s lineup is generally unexciting to me compared to previous generations. Some of that might be the novelty wearing off after nearly 20 years, but the hardtop just isn’t as sexy as it used to be, and the sexiness is what balanced out the relative impracticality of such a small car. Once you start leaning towards the bigger MINIs they lose character exponentially and so you end up driving a GTI which seems to split the difference better. Just my perspective.

    EDIT: just to add, the old, smaller and sportier Clubman was pretty much my ideal MINI and the new one is literally the last MINI I would buy… a car for a soccer mom on a liberal budget… and not even ideal in that role. Not the least bit surprised by those numbers.

    • Nick Dawson

      Patrick – I agree with about the R55 Clubman – I owned two of them in succession. However, the harsh reality is that the R56 Hardtop and R60 Countryman accounted for 75% of total global sales, with the remaining 25% made up from the R55 Clubman 7%, R57 Convertible 7%, R61 Paceman 6% and the R58/59 Coupe/Roadster 5%.

      In other words, the Hardtop and Countryman have always been the big sellers.

  • Mr Remi

    Curios. I would think the company would want to build a bigger Countryman to continue chasing sales.

    • ulrichd

      Yes, but at some point the name MINI will become meaningless. Also, the US is just one market. MINI sales in Europe are pretty robust as is.

  • Nick Dawson

    The F60 Countryman deserves all the success it is currently enjoying, both in the US and worldwide. Nothing in life is ever perfect of course and the Countryman is not having everything all its own way.

    Sales of the Countryman PHEV currently account for around 14% of total global Countryman sales this year. In the US, however, the PHEV accounts for only 6% of MINI USA Countryman sales YTD.

    In fact, MINI USA sales of the Countryman PHEV have fallen every month this year, and in March accounted for less than 4% of total Countryman sales. It begs the question, why?

    January = 127 February = 100 March = 74

    • Interesting. Where are you seeing that data btw?

    • After just over 1 year of ownership with my ordered 2017 CM SAll4 8 speed auto, (took delivery Mar 20, 2017), now with nearly 20K miles on it, I have no regrets at all after trading in my 2015 S 4 door which had about 30K miles on it for the CM.

      Very happy with the chestnut body/black roof combo and the off-road exterior look package I chose among the 3 selections. Not a single issue re problems during the 1st yr except for cosmoline drips from the hood to the black plastic front wheel housing. They were both replaced (no charge) and all is well now.

      Even at over 3600 lbs of weight, this CM has managed upward of 37 MPG US highway at 75 MPH using the green mode) and well over 500 miles range on its 16 gal tank. Great long trip ride as well as on the Dragon’s tight corners (in sport mode).

  • ulrichd

    Slightly off topic, wasn’t the mid-cycle refresh supposed to hit the online configurator in March?