Worldwide MINI Sales Up 2.8% for the Year

MINI sales continue their worldwide growth despite sales being down .9% for April. Globally sales increased 2.8% despite significant market headwinds in the UK market.

Mini sales

With the recent LCI being released on the smaller MINIs, the product portfolio is relatively set with the next major additions being the Clubman LCI (next year) and the electric MINI coming in limited quantities in late 2019.

  • Nick Dawson

    The so called “significant market headwinds” in the UK are mostly to do with the fact that Diesel engined vehicles have become “Public Enemy Number One”, and punitive annual taxes levied on Diesel engined vehicles started this year.

    The majority of cars sold in the UK for many years have been Diesel engined, and last year 90% of all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles sold were Diesel engined. Last year was also the best year ever for car sales in the UK, so a fall in vehicle sales this year was inevitable.