Our 2018 MINI JCW Countryman is Here!

After a long wait our Rebel Green JCW Countryman has finally landed in our hands. Our first order of business is of course to get to know this thing. And what better way is there to test a Countryman then taking it to the country? So we’ll be hitting the backroads of northern Wisconsin all weekend long putting a dent in the break-in process and getting some quality time behind the wheel.


JCW Countryman – Early Observations

  • With no sunroof, manual transmission and manual seats this Countryman is very close in weight to our dear departed Clubman.
  • Compared with our JCW Clubman with sport auto, performance feels close but the manual definitely gives up a few tenths in a drag race.
  • Speaking off the manual – it really gives back so much engagement. The 8-speed auto is great but the manual is hands down more enjoyable to use.
  • The utility of the hatch and taller luggage area has already come in handy packing for our trip.
  • The look of this thing with the 19” wheels and JCW body kit is fantastic. Dare we say it, this might be the best proportioned MINI currently in production.

We’ll have much more once we’re out of the backwoods of Wisconsin. Until follow us on Instagram.com/MotoringFile

  • Mr Remi

    These days, I think the 4 door is the best proportioned. The country person is too squarish (lunch box) shaped for me.

    I do REALLY miss the chunky curves of the bull dog.

    • Scott Eaves

      Really? The 4 door look is all rear end. Fits the Sir Mix-a-Lot song “Baby got Back”.

      • I tend to agree but to each their own.

        • Scott Eaves

          Very true. At least they are all MINIs!

  • Just wonder when the 300hp Countryman (and Clubman) make their appearance later in 2019 as a 2020 model (assuming that’s still a go), will it replace the current level of the JCW or be added as another model beyond the current JCW? Will it make its appearance toward late summer/early fall or earlier? Any further info beyond what was previously reported would be very welcome. Bob Lavoie/Grayghost

    • darex

      I read an article the other day, where they were testing that engine in a barely disguised X2 (where it would be an M-sport model), so it’s quite conceivable that it should be officially announced for MINI around the same time, meaning probably in the next 6 months.

  • Eric

    Sunroof only +6kg, and even if located on top the car, it’s not a Lotus…

    • It’s over 50 lbs according to MINI.

      • Eric

        It used to (R50-56), update yourself 😉

        • This is from MINI at the F56 launch.

        • Eric

          Well, I had anoher information by MINI, would you have the written proof ?