The MINI Countryman Off-road?

Can the MINI Countryman off-road? In this video, that is exactly what we find out.

If you want to skip to the end we all know the answer. It’s… kinda. With low ground clearance and nothing remotely resembling a locking differential the Countryman isn’t designed to be an off-road warrior. Instead it’s meant to be a great on-road vehicle in any conditions with some very light off-roading abilities.

All that said watch the video. It’s still worth it.

  • Nick Dawson

    Charming video – it was worth watching to the end.

  • Lara

    You guys are whimping out!! I live in West Virginia. I have a 2016 Countryman S All4 and take it way worse places than that with no problems!! I go up & down unpaved mountain “roads” in the snow and rain all the time. I did change from the stock tires to a set of Nitto all seasons. Come on up and we will show you how it’s done!! #Ladiesdriveminislikechamps


    As impressive the Countryman All4 was in the offroad situation, even more impressive, if you watched the entire video, Christina made the same trip in a 3-door MINI hatch.

    • Nick Dawson

      Christina’s achievement with her 3-door Hardtop sounds impressive, but we never actually saw it take place on camera. Call me cynical if you will but, who knows, she might well have been given assistance from a passing 4×4 🙂