Ask MF: When Will We see the 302 hp JCW Clubman?

We’ve received a few questions lately around the timing of the long-awaited 302 hp JCW Clubman. Here’s one of many we’ve recently gotten in comments on the site and via the contact form:

Any idea when we we can expect official details of the JCW version? I’ve spoken to a UK dealer who have confirmed July production for the LCI but they don’t know when the hot version is coming…

According to our well trusted sources we will see the 302 hp JCW Clubman begin production in July of this year. This will be the first application of the B48A20T1 in a MINI and should be followed next year by the revised Countryman with the same power plant. So in short we would recommend you wait if you can. Having experienced this engine in the X2 M35i (look for a few shortly) it’s a compelling drivetrain and should be even more interesting in the lighter Clubman.