We’ve seen read about pre-production drives and even seen the MINI Cooper S E completely undisguised. Yet quite a lot remains a mystery about MINI’s first mass produced electric car. Until now. Through sources we’ve unearthed key details on the MINI Cooper S E that gives us our best view of the car ahead of its launch later this year.

MINI Cooper S E

MINI Cooper S E

2020 MINI Cooper SE – Battery & Performance

According to sources the MINI Cooper S E will pack a 92Ah battery and not the 94Ah in the i3. In other words this is not the same pack in the i3 but an entirely different one from a different manufacturer (CATL and not Samsung). Sources tell us that this battery pack is less temperature sensitive and should produce more range than the 94Ah found in the BMW i3.

Officially the MCSE tops out at 100 mph and does 0-62 in 7.7 seconds. However more importantly we’ve been quietly told by those who have driven it that it’s a surprisingly fun car to drive and might just be the fastest MINI around an auto cross when it’s released later this year.

2020 MINI Cooper S E – Charging

Our sources are vague here but we’re told the Cooper S E will have a standard AC/DC charging which allows for fast charger use. We’re told that this will translate into 40 minutes for an 80 percent charge when hooked up to a 50 kW D/C charger.

2020 MINI Cooper S E – Size and Space

If you noticed the excessive wheel gap on spy photos we write about earlier this week you have a good eye. MINI has raised the car 1.5cm to allow for the battery to not interfere with the interior volume of the car. Shockingly sources tell us that the F56 doesn’t lose any boot space in the transition to electric. With this change MINI has also subtle widened the wheel arches so its not as obvious of a change.

2020 MINI Cooper S E – Exterior Design

The car is exactly we you see above. That means MINI has made only very small tweaks to the MCSE over the standard car focuses it’s resources on the drivetrain.

Based on earlier comments the one area of contention so far are the standard 17” wheels. It’s worth noting that other MINI wheels will be optional.

2019 MINI electric

2020 MINI Cooper S E – Options and Pricing

Pricing for the MCSE has been subject to intense debate for years. MINI has told us that it will be close to an automatic Cooper S and we can now report that’s absolutely true. In Europe the MINI Cooper S E will retail for 28.000€ without taxes. It’s worth noting that we’re told that price will vary slightly depending on region. While we don’t have any specific US market information we’d expect something around $29,000

For that price MINI will be packing a fair amount of standard equipment on the MCSE. Look for LED headlights and taillights along with the all new digital dash as standard. In Europe MINI will be using a simplified package offering of “S”, “M” and “L”. It’s unclear if that approach will make it to North America at this time.

The MINI Cooper S E will debut later this year with deliveries beginning in November for Europe and early 2020 for North America.