MINI’s Chinese Joint Venture is in Trouble

In a twist we weren’t expecting MINI’s Chinese joint venture with Great Wall Motors may be in trouble according to German media reports. The joint venture was intended to allow MINI larger scale to produce MINI models more cost effectively while sharing electrification technology with Great Wall. There have even been rumors of a smaller model similar to the Rocketman being produced. However strategic and cultural boundaries may be getting in the way.

MINI's Chinese Joint Venture

The report paints a picture of Great Wall being focused on cost-effective production above all else while BMW is adamant that it retain its quality and safety standards for future MINIs.

To make matters worse it’s unclear what plans MINI has if the joint venture fails. We know that the larger MINIs will be based on the BMW FAAR platform. However it has been reported that the iconic MINI hatch was to be built on a joint platform developed by BMW and Great Wall. If that fails to come to fruition what will MINIs plans be for its most iconic model? And what about the electrification efforts that Great Wall was to help lead? There are a lot of unanswered questions that point some pretty interesting scenarios for the brand.