The JCW GP Pre-Order is officially open to the general public today.
Current and previous GP owners got first dibs early last week. Than it was current and previous MINI owners. Now the GP pre-order is fully open to the public – if there are any left.

JCW GP Pre-Order

That means if you’re interested in having a shot and getting the 2020 JCW GP you not only need $44,900 but you might just need pre-order.

What does $44,900 buy you? Based on our experience in the passenger seat recently the 2020 JCW GP is a seismic shift for the brand. For the first time MINI has created a GP that stands head and shoulders above the standard JCW on which itโ€™s based. Despite the short time it took MINI to take this car from concept to production, the JCW GP 3 a true performance car in every measure and seems to finally fulfill the promise of what the GP should be โ€“ the ultimate MINI.

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