MINI has released a slew of new photos showing the new electric MINI testing alongside previous generation cars as it wraps prototype testing of the new model. While MINI hasn’t given us dimensions or even photos that show the cars next to each other, they do show a car that has subtly altered proportions and a few surprises.

The first thing you notice is that it looks like a MINI. Even on small, winter tires and wheels the proportions feel right and there’s clearly less front overhang than we’ve seen in the recent F56 generation. But there are changes. The overall width looks to be greater, especially as the body seems to flare outward quite a bit more below the belt-line.

New Electric MINI
Note the flatter and lower hood along with what appears to be the overall lower profile.

It also appears to be lower overall with a front hood that appears to have a lower profile. While it’s hard to get a feel for the length of the new car, it appears to be slightly shorter overall. But crucially it also appears MINI has brought the windshield forward decreasing the length of the hood and likely increasing interior room. This would be key to creating more space inside (which MINI has quietly nodded to) while decreasing the size of the car itself.

New Electric MINI
While it’s a drone shot you can just make out the different proportions and the change in hood to windshield geometry.

While this isn’t the diminutive Rocketman that we all fell with almost a decade ago, this looks to be (finally) the smaller MINI we’ve been clamoring for. But that’s our take. We want to know what you see and uncover in the photos below.