If you’ve seen the photo section to the right you’ll know that there is a MINI Cabrio in the works for 2004.

What is new to me is the rumor that there will be a 2 seat speedster in 2005 based off of the upcoming cabrio. Rumor has it that this new 2-seater will be taking on the Miata and other small sport convertibles. It’ll have a different roof than the convertible with roll-over hoops, minimalist interior and will tentatively start around 20k.

In even more interesting news is that the plans for the next MINI are increasingly becoming clearer.

This next version will go on sale in 2006/2007 and will be longer, wider & taller in a bid to give it more cabin room & a better boot.

It may also get more doors too – but with a twist. BMW designers are toying with the idea of rear sliding doors like those on the forthcoming Peugeot 107. Access to the boot could be via two individual doors opening outwards like the old Mini Traveller. Power will come from all-new four cylinder petrol engines, the result of a joint venture between BMW & Peugeot-Citroen. The move will ensure that BMW can ditch the current 1.6litre Chrysler engine now supplied by arch-rival Mercedes-Benz. (bmw2002.co.uk)

It will be very interesting to see how much they actually change the look of the car since it’s such an iconic design.