Yes… yes it does. Yesterday was the first day in several months I was able to drive around for some time with the roof open and what I heard was not pleasant. It was definately a squeak as opposed to a rattle in that it sounded like metal on metal that hadn't been lubed in quite a while. So when I found this “how to” regarding the issue I was happy to see I wasn't alone. The following is an excerpt from a set of instructions put together by Sean Bartnik that should fix the problem. I haven't tested it yet but Sean has a good track record with fixes like this so I expect it'll take care of the issue:

“After a long winter with copious amounts of road salt, the sunroof on my MINI Cooper S had begun to make a metal-on-metal squealing sound when opening or closing. I figured that something just needed some lubrication, but it took a little bit of research to find out exactly what needed grease. I decided to take some pictures and document the fix in case anyone else runs across this problem.”

I've placed a link to this set of instructions on my recently redesigned How To page. Thanks Sean!