Not that it hasn't been said a million times before (and even by me on several occasions) but… Runflats really make for a jarring ride. Soon after I got my Cooper in April of 02 I made the switch from 16″ OEM wheels and runflats to 17″ wheels and non-runflat tires. At the time I noticed a bit of difference but since I haven't had much of a chance to thoroughly drive a runflat equipped Cooper. With my current MINI loaner I have had an opportunity to further experience just what those non-runflats did to my ride.

The truly amazing thing is the larger 17″ wheels/tires combo are actually more comfortable than the 16″ runflat OEM setup that I replaced. Based on my experience I'd strongly urge any Cooper owner who feels their ride is a bit too harsh to try replacing their runflats with regular tires when the time comes. I believe it will be a revelation to most. Of course MCS owners will have to make sure they have a good mobility kit on hand if they want to go this route (or a good mobile phone).