Strategic Vision's 2003 Total Value Index(tm) Gives MINI Cooper Second Highest Rating Overall

The MINI Cooper has scored extremely well in Strategic Vision's 2003 Total Value Index(tm) (TVI). The index measures buyers' views of whether they got their money's worth from their car purchase. The index is calculated by correlating all economic issues against the quality of the ownership experience.

This award follows MINI's previous segment-topping position in Strategic Vision's 2003 Total Delight Index.

Questioning over 63,000 for the Total Value Index, the MINI Cooper (814) was named “Best Small Specialty Car” and came in second overall-only marginally behind the Audi TT Roadster (817), which offered higher price incentives.

The study measures both immediate economics (value for the money, affordability, price/deal offered, warranty and standard equipment level) and expected economics (durability, future trade-in, mileage, economical to own and reliability).

“Consumers don't measure value just in dollars and cents,” says Dr. Darrel Edwards, Strategic Vision president. “It's what you get for your money. Thus you can't calculate value without the quality, including the emotional response, buyers perceive in the complete ownership experience.”

The top five scoring vehicles are:

Audi TT Roadster / 817 / $ 38,500* / 42%*
MINI Cooper / 814 / $ 23,000 / 2%
Lexus GS 300/430 / 812 / $ 41,600 / 27%
Acura RSX / 811 / $ 23,000 / 19%
Audi TT Coupe* / 805 / $ 38,500* / 42%*