As has been reported the next generation engine for the MINI, dubbed “Prince” by BMW engineers, is scheduled for gradual release over the next 2-3 years. We've heard some info about general dates and numbers but haven't really seen much real data yet. Until now.

Recently, a fairly reliable source over at MINI2, posted something very interested that I frankly never saw until just now. If the information is correct, and it seems to be, it confirms a lot of what had been assumed and conjectured for sometime. It's a production list (not sales dates mind you) of new engines and configurations for the MINI in the years ahead. Something to keep in mind the R50 refers to the current MINI and the R56 refers to the next generation version:

2006 1.6l 140hp 6-speed R50
2007 1.6l 110hp 6-speed R50
2007 1.6l 110hp CVT R50
2007 1.4l 75hp 5-speed R56
2007 1.4l 90hp 6-speed R56
2007 1.4l 90hp CVT R56
2007 1.6l 110hp 6-speed R56
2007 1.6l 110hp CVT R56
2007 1.6l 140hp 6-speed R56
2007 1.6l 170hp 6-speed R56

“All of these Petrol engined variants would also appear in a Mini Roadster as of End 2008.

Also interesting is that all engines apart from the 75hp have the 6-speed gearbox.

All of the petrol engines are DOHC but I don't have torque figures for any of the Petrol engines (probably because they are not yet know).

And, of course, the 170hp engine is Turbocharged.”

You can check out the post over at MINI2 here.

This is fascinating information that, while not yet official, does appear to tell us quite a bit about the timeline that BMW is working with. From this it would appear that the Cooper may be moving to around 140 HP, CVT Cooper will remain in the same 110 HP range and the Cooper S will be moving to around 170 HP. I'd gather that actual sale dates would be at least six months after the productions dates have commenced. For further reading about the new engine check out this post from this past September.