The changes begin.

For those who would rather not wade through the flash site that is here are some of the changes the MINI will see for the 2005 model year. While most have been discussed for quite awhile at MotoringFile (and specifically this article) there are a number of surprises. We'll try to just skim over what we've already heard about and focus more on the new additions.

MINI changes for the 2005 model year:

  • One and Cooper now with a Getrag 5-speed with shorter gearing for quicker accelerations. (as discussed previously)
  • The Cooper S retains the 6-speed but with shorter gearing for quicker accelerations.
  • Cooper S now with a revised supercharger, revised exhaust system, and new ECU – 170hp and 220 Nm of torque. (as discussed previously)
  • New Octogon Cloth, Dragon Cloth, and Octogon Cloth/Leather seating
  • New 15″, 16″ wheels optional across the range. (as discussed previously)
  • In-dash CD player with MP3 CD playback. (rumored for last year – finally see light of day in 2005)
  • Powerfold side mirrors – available in Japan for 2004 finally make their way elsewhere. (possibly not for the US?)
  • Interior color trim (matching the exterior of the car but only available for four colors – different from the MCS to the MC)
  • New colors: Cool Blue, Hot Orange (both Cabrio only), Black Eye Purple, Astro Black (deep blueish black) and Hyper Blue (MCS only). Electric Blue will now be available across the range. Indie Blue and possibly even Pepper White will go away
  • New map lights, door opener lamps and exit/entry lamps under the door casings (first seen with the intro of the convertible
  • Chrome line interior (as discussed previously)
  • Optional Anthracite Headliner (dark grey)
  • Standard One and Cooper seats now with larger side bolster.
  • New key (as discussed previously)
  • Rod antenna standard – carries both satellite, telephone and radio functions. This means that there is no more shark fin.
  • New front and rear lighting and facia (as discussed and seen many many times previously)
  • Larger interior rear mirror. (as discussed previously)
  • Extra sun visor integrated into the drivers side. (as discussed previously)
  • Clock moves from the headliner just next to the mileage read-out.
  • Larger rear cupholder. (as discussed previously)
  • New storage areas under the toggles and e-brake. (as discussed previously)