Here's some interesting news from the Belfast Telegraph:

The German car maker BMW is close to deciding on a major expansion of its Mini plant in Oxford to cope with booming demand for the iconic car.

Production this year is expected to exceed 180,000, boosted by the launch in July of a convertible version of the car. But output cannot grow much beyond that because the plant's paint shop is already working almost at full capacity.

BMW executives have ambitious plans for further variants of the Mini, ranging from a sports utility model to a five-door Mini traveller or estate. They believe there is no reason why the brand cannot be extended in the same way that the BMW marque itself has grown to encompass a wide variety of models.

Michael Ganal, the BMW board member for sales and marketing, said the group was now “pretty close” to a decision on the expansion of Oxford.

He said:
“We believe the Mini family has to grow.”

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