JD Powers has released it's annual Customer Service Index Study and US MINI dealers don't score well. The study measures customer satisfaction among new-vehicle owners with the dealer service department during the first three years of vehicle ownership, which typically represents the majority of the vehicle warranty period. Overall satisfaction is based on six service categories: initiating service, service advisor, in-dealership experience, service delivery, service quality, and user-friendly service.

MINI scored 8th from the bottom at 838 (based on an 1000 point scale) – well behind the industry average of 862. You can see the entire chart of scores here.

Of course what this means and how it happened can be debated to no end (and I'm sure it will be in the comments section). But what is obvious is that MINIUSA and it's dealers now must create and execute a plan of action to solve these issues to regain some respectability in this area.

You can download the entire PDF report here.