Forbes drives the ’05 Cooper and does the unthinkable – compares it to a Scion…

What’s remarkable about this is that the Scion was supposed to have a slow rollout, but clearly the brand has taken off faster than anybody, especially market watchers, expected. But we’re also stunned by how a generation that spurns traditional marketing (hello, TiVo!) has eaten up the Scion with a big gravy spoon. Drive a Scion into a lot, and the teens swarm, especially the xB. Really, it’s happened to this reviewer.

And we have only one response to that: “Sheep!” …That’s right, we’re calling the kids out for what they are, a bunch of babies who don’t know when the marketing whizzes have them right in their dirty little mitts.

And what, pray tell, does all this have to do with the absolutely fun, fast, fuel-sipping, $16,449 Mini Cooper we drove recently? We think a heck of a lot. See, the Mini, although it costs about $3,500 more than the Scion xA, and about $2,000 more than the $13,680 Scion xB, is a way better car by nearly every measure. Style? It has that in spades. Handling? It will run rings around a Scion xA or xB

…Our point is that this is the “kids’ car” the kids don’t see, because BMW’s Mini (yes, BMW owns the brand) hasn’t targeted the kids, and apparently the kids don’t see what the marketers don’t tell them to see. What do we see? Perhaps the best sports car value in history. And oh, by the way, if you drove one back-to-back against a Scion xA or xB, and you were 19, you’d never step back into a Scion ever again.

I think to most of us this kind of thinking is pretty obvious however, I’m sure it’ll send shock-waves through xB owners everywhere. You know the ones who paint not only their front brake calipers red but their rear drums as well πŸ™‚

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