Observations on driving a 2005 MCS convertible:

  • The new '05 door armrest is a fantastic addition and the pockets in the doors retain all the previous usability and possibly a bit more.
  • The LED lights in the door handles are totally trick and totally useful.
  • The lights below the doors are probably unnecessary but, in real world use, very welcome.
  • The new, larger interior mirror is really a nice addition. However everytime you raise or lower the top you still must re-adjust the mirror.

  • The new clock location is horrendous. It's good to know they'll be moving it again soon.
  • It's definitely louder on the highway than the coupe – no question.
  • The new one piece dash doesn't eliminate dash rattles… at least not in this particular convertible.
  • The two small orange LED lights just behind the mirror bath the dash and the radio area in an orange glow that really looks fantastic. It also gives you just enough light to see the controls a little easier. All this coupled with the chrome interior trim it gives the car a more upscale look and feel.

  • The antenna that originally looked awkward to me now just looks endearing.

  • The stock 16″ wheels look more of a comfort/luxury option and less sporty than one would expect to see on this car. Interestingly these are the wheels most of the rest of the world gets on the Cooper as an option. Not sure why the US gets them as standard on the MCSc.