[Updated 1.10.05]

JCW will be revising it's offering for the MINI Cooper to something a bit more affordable. Knowing that most people interested in high torque and horsepower output will be buying the Cooper S, JCW have introduced a kit that has all the look and sound of the previous Cooper kit but at a more reasonable price. Here's the official description:

True, the John Cooper Works Sound Kit for the MINI Cooper does not replace the HiFi system in the car. But if the station search function is not able to
keep up with the speed of the MINI Cooper round fast bends, the sound kit comes in very handy, this “radio straight from the engine compartment” ensuring perfect reception at all times: The special connection between the air filter and the interior is tuning for your ears, naturally live and with extra legroom in the front row.

The John Cooper Works Sound Kit also has an additional offer on the drive wheels: Together with modified engine management software and the stainless sports exhaust complete with the John Cooper Works logo, the sound kit increases engine output by 2kW/3 bhp, giving the MINI Cooper maximum output of 87kW/118 bhp. A certificate signed by Mike Cooper himself, finally, confirms that this is really genuine equipment from John Cooper Works.
The John Cooper Works Sound Kit is scheduled to enter the world market in late February 2005.

We don't have pricing on the new JCW Sound Kit however we've got pictures!

[ engine cover ] [ exhaust ] [ air filter ]

For those curious it looks like JCW will not be making it's previous JCW Cooper kit available for new models. Interestingly it was just introduced to the US in the spring of 2004.