Details are scarce but it would appear that MINI will be offering an accessory that allows you to remotely heat or cool your MINI. From the limited information available we’re surmising that the basic basic concept is that you can remotely start your heating/ventilation system before you get in the car or (and this is the really trick part) you can call a number on your mobile phone. The latter is part of a service called ThermoCall which seems to be separate. We don’t have pricing or availability but it’s uncertain if this will make it over to the US.

[ Multi-function Clock ] [ Radio Remote ] [ ThermoCall ] [ Remote Heating ]

Undoubtedly there’s more info on this out there somewhere. Drop us a line if you hear anything before we do.

Update: Thanks to a reader of the site and possibly a chance meeting in a dark alley, we have the full set of official MINI installation instructions for the auxillary heating option.

[ Auxillary Heating System Retrofit PDF ]