Update: We’ve got a better pic of the spoiler above (click the image for a larger view). You can also view the original we posted here. And check out this pic of what looks to be the spoiler being tested at the Nurburgring (AutoExpress via MINI2 forums).

By popular request here’s a small pic of the new JCW carbon spoiler. It should be available in the US by late February/early March. Here’s the official MINI press info on it as well (originally a few weeks back within another article):

The highlight of this MINI extravaganza in every respect is of course the rear spoiler on the roof. Also made of carbon, this rear spoiler is a technical and aesthetic eye-catcher on every MINI, probably inducing the genuine fan to keep a second spoiler at home in an illuminated glass cabinet.

Naturally there’s no word on pricing. If aynone has larger or better quality photos and more info – send it in!