From MINIUSA Press:

MINI USA announces it has achieved a sales milestone, retailing the 100,000th MINI in the US market. With initial sales targets of 20,000 units per year at the time of launch, MINI has consistently exceeded expectations over the last three years, reaching the 100,000-unit mark a full two years ahead of projections.

The car, identified as a MINI Cooper was retailed in Florida and represents MINI’s strong foothold in the US market. Since MINI’s 2002 launch, the brand has grown from a less-than 2% unaided public awareness to an awareness of over 60% today. In addition, MINI USA has expanded its business, adding ten more dealers to its retail network to bring the total number of dealers to 80 nationwide.

MINI’s unique combination of style, substance and value along with its ‘cheeky’ brand personality, continues to attract new and enthusiastic customers to the fold. With a full compliment of individual options, customization is a key draw for new customers. To date more than 70% of all MINIs sold were specified by a retail customer prior to delivery.

Jack Pitney, vice president of MINI USA said, “The 100,000th MINI represents a significant milestone for us as it shows we have cultivated a unique appeal with our brand and products and have clearly established MINI’s place in the US market.”

Congrats to everyone at MINIUSA. Doing this two years quicker than anticipated is cause for some celebration.