If you must roll your MINI, do it into snow!

The recent Hudson Bay Or Bust road trip took MINIs north into Canada and freezing cold,
and David Rose (Ducttape on MINI2), led with the top down on his convertible!

David had driven the same route before but not in
such cold; Months of planning and discussion on the MINI2 thread prepared everyone for their journey, but nothing could prepare them for the accident
that occurred, when Davids convertible lost traction and flipped into a snow bank!


First reports were worrying but hopeful: “Just heard some bad news. No one hurt from what I hear but David rolled his MINI. Both passengers are ok. Happened with the top down. It did a couple of 360’s. Very icy roads up there“;
later we heard “There’s speculation that the cabrio may still be driveable!” (from Cape Cod Mini)

Now, David is back home and safe – with his MINI!

David writes:

… flying in MINI was the not experience I think BMW had in mind. However, we ended up in the snow, upside down, and I was hanging from my seatbelt.
I undid it, and fell into a face full of snow. Rather disconcerting. I reached behind me and grabbed the door handle, which pulled, but did not open because of the snow on the other side.
Unfortunately, I could not get out because my parka hood was pinned under the headrest. Had you been under there with me, you would have heard me saying “would someone open the door, please?” …

…I sincerely want to thank ALL of you for your help … Everyone made what could have been an absurdly horrible situation bearable.
I really did come out knowing I was OK. NOTHING hurt. I have 2nd degree frostbite on 3 fingers (not a pretty sight), but nothing broken or pulled etc.
As to the car. Front bumper and those cool [driving] lamps gone. (Well, not gone. Now in the back seat) Passenger 1/4 panel dented. Passenger window broke on impact, and my window on flipping the car. Maybe some more, but it is remarkably clean, considering. No airbags, no electric cutoff and no fluids on the ground.
And yes, put the key in and drove home. Far. With the windows down. And it was cold. Very cold. Colder than with the top down and windows up. My throat hurts.

…Now, on to brighter points. This trip was spectacular. Simply spectacular.
And seeing the Bay was the event of a lifetime. I will always remember that. For all intents and purposes, we were up there in the arctic. I don’t care if we were technically 12 degrees too far south. We made it. It was incredible.
You should have seen all of us. Like a group of 6 year olds let out on to a playground. It was SO much fun.

Photo credits: David (LePew) and Peter (Uptick)
More info: see the MINI2 thread, the NEMINI thread, and Davids MINI page