Now that the JCW Brake Kit is readily available at dealers (and even on MINIUSA), let’s take an closer look at some of the specs (From MINIUSA):

Aftersales is pleased to announce the release of the new John Cooper Works Sport Brake Kit.

The John Cooper Works Sport Brake Kit can be installed on all MINI Cooper and Cooper S hardtop and Convertible. The Brake kit was designed and developed by John Cooper Works in conjunction with the BMW Group brake specialists and has been tested and approved on the basis of the BMW/MINI requirements.

The John Cooper Works front axle sport brake has an improved thermal capacity, due to the larger internally ventilated rotors. Enlarged front axle brake pistons and sport brake pads on the front and rear axle enhance the performance of the brake. The JCW Brake Kit provides considerably more bite and gives the driver a more direct pedal response. Compared to the standard brake, a greater deceleration can be achieved with the same pedal force.

To distinguish the JCW Sport Brake from a standard brake, the brake calibers come with a powder-coated red finish and a large visible John Cooper Works logo.

The JCW Brake Kit includes:

  • Two internally ventilated brake rotors 294mm x 22 mm for the front axle
  • Two coated red floating brake calipers with the John Cooper Works logo for the front axle (improved caliper construction in comparison to standard brake)
  • Brake pads integrated in the front calipers with enlarged brake pad surface area and enhanced performance
  • Rear axle brake pads with enhanced performance
  • Hardware required for installation
  • Customer information with permitted wheel dimensions
  • Information sticker that the car has been retrofitted with the JCW Brakes


The JCW Sport Brake has been developed together with the BMW Group brake specialists. This combines the racing experience of John Cooper Works with the high quality and safety requirements of a large premium car manufacturer. Therefore the JCW Sport Brake kit provides sportier braking, but still harmonizes with all the MINI safety features like ABS, ASC and DCS and meets the long term usage requirements. And of course, as all other JCW products, does not void the limited MINI New vehicle warranty.

The JCW Sport Brake provides the sportier driver additional safety, particulary when the brake is subjected to high thermal stress.

The sporting properties do not result in any reduction in comfort, increased noise, more difficult control or extended wear compared to the standard brake.

The John Cooper Works Brake kit can only be installed with the following wheels on a MINI Cooper or Cooper S. Please check the EPC for an updated wheel list, before you install the kit:

  • R85 17″ S-Lite Wheel
  • R87 16″ Double Spoke Wheel
  • R90 17″ Two Piece Cross Spoke Wheel
  • R91 17″ 5-Star Bullet Wheel
  • R95 18″ John Cooper Works Wheel
  • R98 17″ Web Spoke Wheel
  • R99 17″ Double Spoke Wheel

The car must be run-in carefully for the first 200 miles before the sport brake will be fully effective. Please ensure that you pass this information on to the customer.

Suggested installation time: 3.5 hrs

Parts Information: 34 11 0 393 455 = $ 1,065.00