Time to reset your cache and refresh your browsers, today is a big day at MotoringFile. We’ve added a new way to read MINI related news from around the web and refined (yet again) our look and feel.

As some of you may know MotoringFile was the first MINI website with an
RSS feed and we continue to be big proponents of the technology. With
increased use of these feeds by MINI related websites, many people have
found a new and efficient way of reading their favorite websites with
RSS news reading software. However, the vast majority of users haven’t
adopted the standard. Whether it’s a case of not wanting to download
yet another program or simply not knowing about RSS, there remains a large group that haven’t taken advantage of the technology.

So in an effort to bring these news feeds out there to as many people as possible, we’re introducing the MotoringFile NewsRoom. The NewsRoom scans feeds from MINI related websites and grabs the last ten articles or posts every hour of the day. It’s an easy way to see what’s out there on some of your favorite MINI related websites and learn about others you may not be familiar with.

The idea of a page comprised of MINI related RSS feeds has been on the
drawing board for over a year and has actually been operational behind the scenes for awhile now. We could have even waited a few more weeks to get everything operating perfectly but then again, who needs perfection? So we’re going live with about 85% of our news feeds. We hope to have everything up in a week or two.

Beyond the NewsRoom we’ve also made some small changed to our look at feel. Among other things, in an effort to have more readable links (a necessity with the NewsRoom), we’ve gone from orange to blue. We’ve also touched up the right-hand navigation to make it a more straight forward. BTW It’s important that users (especially those using Safari) either reset their cache and/or refresh their browsers in order to see all the changes properly.

Finally it’s worth noting that MotoringFile is best viewed (like the rest of the web) browsing with Firefox (PC/Mac) or Safari (Mac).

As always if you have any comments or suggestions please contact us.

And for those scoring at home, this is MotoringFile v1.4. BTW a big thanks to Matt for putting in some extra time to make this all a reality.