Due to a wiring change in 7/04, a new Satellite Radio Antenna was developed for 2005 or newer MINI Cooper and Cooper S Coupes. The appearance of the antenna remains the same. However, the connector for the AM/FM portion o the antenna and the power connector have changed and a new antenna mast must be used.

The new antenna can be identified by the power wire of the antenna, which is now one red wire enclosed in a two pin connector with a black housing. The previous version had an uninsulated flat blade connector. The AM/FM connector has also been switched to a Fakra connection.

Suggested installation time remains 1.0-1.25 hrs.

Sirius Antenna up to 6/04 part number: 84 11 0 150 524

Sirius Antenna 7/04 and after part number: 84 11 0 393 780

Antenna Mast (use in conjunction with 780 antenna): 65 21 0 141 197

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